Banned punishment for its lethality in Martinete, Mexico

The Undertaker applied a Pile Driver to Bray Wyatt in 2015. (Don Feria/AP Images for WWE)

He pile driver it is one of the most punishing Dangerous In professional wrestling, because of that lethalityit remains Forbidden in the almanac; may end lives and causes multiple Sports injuries, and it’s a great risk In execution of: search hit the wrestler’s head straight to the canvas, There are safer ways to do it; Although MexicoIt seemed like a simple myth.

undertaker In the last decades, Martinet expanded globally. WWE, He uses reverse charges to hit opponents from the top of the ring. but i had to protect it neck of the opponent with his feet so as not to endanger him, thus he took care of him cervical and reduced drop, However, if he applied it incorrectly, it might severely injured to their opponents. He never did.

This happened “stone Cold Steve Austin, In 1997, when I was 33 years and he was the biggest star WWEreceived the said sentence from owen hart and ended with broken neck, Although he won the match, he was paralyzed for minutes. He barely got up. After the incident Mohd. its trajectory was shortened significantly; He retired in 2003, he was never the same again.

In Mexico Hasn’t been an exception. since it is one of the most controversial in the circuit, and that which results from its malpractice exposes the health of gladiatorsgovernments have banned it within their official rules, Tijuana, monterey And Mexico City are republic cities where a referee attached to the rules can to disqualify for a gladiator to execute it. In cartels from the rest of the country they follow without fail guidelines Established.

was the latest case heathen, which was linked to the Move on February 18 in a chair. because they didn’t protect themselves neck he was left while hitting in the ring Even then Immediately. the doctors diagnosed him spinal cord injury, For which he was immediately operated. You fractured spine and will be among those inducted indefinitely.

However, the situation was due to a History Which ended in an unexpected way: with a legitimate injury to the surname Noah Noah Style In this Juan de la Barrera Olympic Gymnasium Of Mexico City, He regulation not applicable because masked who attacked him was not involved clash of couples, This also punch He kept on knocking. This was the reason that even with heathen severely injured, psycho clown broke off the engagement for chess man And black house,

In the early nineties, three athletes adopted it as a personal seal To place conditions in a game show: love Machine, black abyss And universe 2000, Sometimes they killed him without hesitation, because he looked Horrible before the eyes of the audience. unless the act has become injurious to those on the receiving end neck damage,

American art barrwho competed in the name of love Machine In this world wrestling council And triple a wrestlinghad a grudge against blue panther Which ended in possibly the most controversial way: he lost his mask because he hammered, caused it the lagoon master will leave Arena Mexico on a stretcher, while he showed his face to the cameras.

“it is worthy. banned from professional wrestling, It’s illegal, it can have effects at the level of the cervical vertebrae and bone marrow, it’s not valid,” said the commentator. alphonso morales during the 1992 broadcast. “It was a piledriver, strictly prohibited in Wrestling, Sir did not understand. I’m sorry,” added the referee. Roberto “El Guerro” Rangel,

Ultimately, blue panther returned to physical activity; love Machine He continued to compete normally until his death of cardiac arrest in 1994. In short, black abyss He was one of the exponents of the movement. so much so that they were often referred to as king of the piledriver In triple A, In 1998, he was injured George Brennantv show host hard and direct,

with your brother Antoine, brennan fought for the only time against black abyss And pentagon in a steel cage. After the attack, she had an epileptic seizure and received medical attention; chose never to return pankration, “It’s allowed in a cage fight, it’s a street fight. We were at war. The man didn’t have a ready neck, logistically speaking.It was not my fault,” the gladiator declared.

universe 2000 made his own version of the hammer, he called it “the black hammer, With this, he put out of circulation rayo de jalisco junior in 1999. “I was paralyzed for 28 days, He was unable to move any part of his body. I tore my neck muscles, several discs in my spine, they gave me one titanium plateTo this day I wear it, for the rest of my life I’ll remember it universe 2000 because he was about to retire Wrestling“, revealed from shavings,

With the same maneuver, he retired the legendary by getting him shaved. lead dog in 2001. robert rangel did not approve it, but contrary to its decision love Machine, recognized him as a fair winner. After the battle is over, Dr. Alfonso Morales He interviewed the fighter and he told him that it was “a new punishment in wrestling,

three years later, universe 2000 He did not meet with the same fate. As if art barrsaw his fall unknown By disqualification, hit on the head canek on canvas, so judge Rafael “El Maya” He stripped her of her victory and forced her to remove her hood. ,Wherever I see you are going to refer me, I am able to kill you even if they have to punish me or run away from the fight”, he expressed.

But Death A had the most serious consequences pile driver, Comet Tapatio One in Guadalajara, Jalisco resulted in death; receive from black psycho in 2012. He was unable to adjust in time to save his neck. instead, he hurt her cervical, After surgery and eight days in the hospital, lost my life,

Many may classify Pankration as a Farcebecause on the contrary boxing And this Mixed Martial ArtsScripted. It’s true, it doesn’t stop symbolizing Entertainment, But, in the end, it’s War, HITS And a punishment are real; to take care physical pleasure of athletes, There are rules that should never be broken between the ropes.

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