Belen Esteban leaves the Mediaset code of conduct in Salvame in the face of Jorge Javier’s anger

He moral code Of mediaset which came into force last February, gave rise to a singular moment save me Tuesday 14 March. bethlehem esteban Despite the fact that communication broke the rules several times in the group by naming a famous person banned George Javier Vazquez tried to fix it.

location of telecinco they spent part of their time talking pinocchioalleged brother of Annabel Pantojaafter passing through deluxe friday On 10 March. The “People’s Princess” questioned this and defended the “influencer” from criticism.

Issued during a live connection with a colleague jose antonio leon: “Why don’t we talk about this pinocchio sold to kiko rivera?”. is part of the banned list in DJ mediasetTo which the presenter said: “To the brother of Christ Pie“. She was annoyed at the interruption:”GeorgeCan I finish? If not, I’ll shut up, okay? No. No, Kiko Rivera is not the brother of Isa Pie,

Catalan insisted that the composer’s name be avoided and repeated: “Brother of Isa Pie”. winner of GH VIP 3 Decided to stop his speech: “Well, talk yourself.” Adela Gonzalez He blushed: “But belen“. Tertullian was furious: “No, look, girl, what happened, that I came here for something else. I am not Annabel Pantoja,

While people on set laughed at the situation, the Madrid woman’s anxiety grew when she heard a woman’s voice kiko matamoros “Huh?” Saying confused. His partner exploded: “Neither eh nor oh… nothing, I’m going to get my ass, he’s already they are touching my nose“. She got up to leave the set, but Javier Javier He held her hand to tell her in a low voice: “What cannot be named“. His friend replied: “I don’t care if you can’t name it.”

driver of save me Emphasis again: “he is the brother of christ pie“. However, he did not understand where the problem was: “Oh, you hurt me, you’re going to break my arm, I don’t care. Listen, seriously, I don’t want to, man. that i’m not Annabel PantojaI’m your friend, okay?”

ally’s correction

bethlehem esteban He started going back to his seat and focused on the topic that was being discussed in the program. “Why doesn’t this count? jose antonio that brother Christ Pie, I have already said, damn it!”, referring to the son of Isabel Pantoja, His teammates celebrated his success with laughter and applause.

Javier JavierAfter the dance, he humorously added: “belenFirst let me teach you how to play a game prohibitionBecause if not, we can’t continue.” Ally remained very serious while those around her laughed and applauded every time she said “Brother of Christ PieAlso, there was another time when the DJ got confused while remembering his initials: “Ka de kilo et uwe de Veronika, i.e. ire de Rosemary, that I was wrong.”

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