Belen Esteban, Rocio Carrasco and Emma Garcia enjoy their crowd of fans in Seville

there’s little left to disappear save me, Telecinco’s quintessential afternoon format for fourteen years. The series is in viewership crisis, so it is making some changes to its grid. Despite the fact that these are tough days, the show’s collaborators don’t let the good times tarnish them. Many of them attended the wedding of former director Raul Prieto this weekend save me, and his partner, the architect Joaquín Torres. A wedding where there was neither lack of fun nor the warmth of the fans.

Seville was the location the couple chose to celebrate their wedding. Both parties wanted all their friends and family to travel with them to the Andalusian capital on this special weekend. After an incredible pre-wedding held on Thursday, a performance by Azucar Moreno and a scenic boat ride on the Guadalquivir, this Friday’s ceremony far exceeded expectations. The couple said ‘yes, I do’ in the most romantic and emotional wedding.

Alejandra Rubio, Terelu Campos, Rocio Carrasco, Fidel Albiac and Emma Garcia at the pre-wedding of Raul Prieto and Joaquin Torres in Seville

Alejandra Rubio, Terelu Campos, Rocio Carrasco, Fidel Albiac and Emma Garcia at the pre-wedding of Raul Prieto and Joaquin Torres in Seville


In the case of the wedding of one of the former directors of the format, it was assumed that the wedding would be attended by a large number of faces from the world of television. Among them are Belen Esteban and her husband Miguel. In fact, in the stories shared on Instagram by some of the people who attended the wedding, Paraquelos can be seen enjoying the ceremony the most. And it is that Belén maintains a great relationship with Raul, whom she made godfather at their wedding in 2019.

Rocío Carrasco, Fidel Albiac, Terelu Campos, Alejandra Rubio, Emma García, Carlota Corredera, Kiko Matamoros and Marta López Alamo also attended the wedding on Friday. In fact, all of them had to take out time to meet all the fans who came to the venue where the wedding reception was held. In a video shared by user @ainhoabg_06, you can see how some of them went till the gate of the venue and interacted with the fans present there.

The first was Emma Garcia. “Beautiful!” They shouted at him, as Emma turned and waved. Soon after, Belen Esteban came out. “Beautiful, Belen!” said a fan. A man from Paraquelos del Jarama said, “Thank you very much, beautiful, thank you all for coming here.” Next was Rocío Carrasco. “Rocio, beautiful! How beautiful she is!” A follower can be heard saying. That’s when Rocio Jurado’s daughter reaches out to followers waving, and although it’s not visible in the video, it’s intuitive that the next step is to take a picture with a fan, because she’s making eye contact with him when he’s holding the phone. does.

A real mass shower, as many of them had the guts to interact with the onlookers save me, who will also face cancellation of the program very soon. Without a doubt, this will be a severe blow to all who, for fourteen years, have seen day after day a great part of these faces who were at the wedding, as well as many others who were not present in Seville.

The impending cancellation of ‘Rescue Me’

New stage in the afternoon of Telecinco

Colleagues will soon have to say goodbye to one of the most important figures in their lives. as it progressed World Last Friday May 5th, it will be next June 16th when save me Say goodbye to your audience forever. later a news confirmed tv factory And mediaset,

On June 19, a new phase will begin in the afternoon of the series, which, as it turned out later, will be led by Ana Rosa Quintana, who will be present both in the morning and in the afternoon. However, this format would come after the summer, and during the summer it would be Así es la Vida, the new program by Sandra Barneda, filling the void of Salvum.

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