Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez seem happy together, despite reports

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Super affectionate during family outings…

smooching, holding hands

ben affleck And Jennifer Lopez Bev seemed very affectionate during a Saturday shopping spree in the Hills… The thrashing reveals that their marriage is about to fall apart.

TMZ obtained photos of the couple locking lips and holding hands in front of everyone on the street. We’re told that Ben and Jen appeared happy and carefree and very much in love.

They brought along Jane’s twins, Maximum And emmefrom his previous marriage Marc Anthony Checking out the playthings at Toms Toys before heading to the ice cream shop for some treats.

The family outing comes after media reports suggested that Ben and Jen’s relationship had hit a rough patch. Videos surfaced in which he is seen in a sizzling pose inside his SUV. There was also footage of Jen getting into their Mercedes and Ben firmly closing the door, but that report was BS… she was clearly angry at the photos, not Jen.


It seems that any tension between the two has eased… They seem to be back on track, recently they celebrated Mother’s Day together both their mothers,

Ben and Jane to tie the knot in April 2022 after rekindling their romance following Jane’s split Alex Rodriguez last year. Bennifer dated and got engaged in 2002, but they eventually broke up.

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