Blink-182 may take off from Lollapalooza in South America

They assure that Blink-182 will cancel their shows in Chile and Brazil. and Argentina?

Blink-182 may take off from Lollapalooza in South America

Lollapalooza may have just walked out of one of the most anticipated shows in South America. That is, American band Blink-182 may cancel their performance.

The legendary late-’90s/early-’00s punk rock group were scheduled to make their South American debut in March, but an injury to drummer Travis Barker is set to halt the show.

The musician announced on February 8 that he had suffered a finger injury: “I dislocated my finger and tore a ligament.” Picture of a “lump” on one of her fingers. “see you later”public.

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Travis Barker is injured and Blink 182 shows in South America are in jeopardy

All of that said, there has been a lot of speculation about whether blink 182 Whether or not it will eventually be presented in Chile, Argentina and Brazil remains to be seen, but the band and the organizers of the event intend to clarify this as soon as possible.

However, Brazilian music journalists Joseph Norberto Fleschwho is known to cover news from South American festivals, assures blink 182 will cancel his performance in Chile So the outlook for fans is bleak and hopeless.

Blink-182 Touring South America (and Mexico)

3/11 Tijuana, Mexico
3/14 Lima, Peru.
3/18 Buenos Aires, Argentina (Lollapalooza).
3/19 Santiago, Chile (Lollapalooza).

3/21 Asuncion, Paraguay
3/23 Bogota, Colombia
3/25 Sao Paulo, Brazil (Lollapalooza).
28, 29 & 31/3 DF, Mexico
1/4 Monterey, Mexico

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