bull at córdoba fair

Celebration Tab:

Animal: Six fought as Domingo Hernandez Bull, the fifth cap. Blonde in appearance, some prefer the third and fourth in the range of weight and clothing. noble but least first and sixth; Tarnished for outcasts: The second, fourth and fifth made up the cap. Best, third, great and with quality, but with the right background.

Puebla resident: puncture and half-laying (ovation) and two deep punctures and furrows (whistle).

juan ortega: three punctures in the bass and a deep puncture (silent) two punctures and the infamous bass (silent)

King Rock: Lunge (two ears) and Lunge (one ear).

Events: Class of Caliphs. First fertilizing run in the morning as yesterday was postponed due to rain. Partly cloudy two-thirds of the afternoon but with pleasant temperatures. After pairing third Antonio Chacón and Paco Gómez Algaba, he greeted with cap in hand.

The manolete has rung at the time of the angel. king rockHe Raised the effigy of the bullfighter on Friday as the winner of municipal trophy He had to work hard for his work last year. Morante and Ortega were already watching the line on the flanksWhen the Peruvians lead from behind Measuring each step on the humid Khalifa Albero. After two hours and three quarters he did not step on the ring, but played I flew among the wind that rises the Guadalquivir Above the days when rain showers are announced. flew on the shoulders amid shouts of “bullfighter, bullfighter” because none of those gathered doubted late vermouth time That we are in front of the most integral person of our time. If Morante is art, passion, history and dream then Roca is Kaman. and is not. and then we can to argue in purity that if luck descendsWhat if he fights online, what if… what if… what if… but Dazzling reality resides in where the other three give more chest, that gives six; That where others click, he explodes, that where others go out, he invents himself.

The third part of the afternoon ran with its own metric from start to finish, Roca Ray had a plan, and since he must like plans to go well, what would Anibal Smith say, as he took it from Veronica and bound a bundle of fingers that had depth and sometimes sloth and rhythm. The chronology of the plan was going so well that the bull, a fine chestnut of presence Instead of the one who escaped from the face, having put up a brave fight, using himself, received a just punishment in the rods. Well done Jose Manuel Quinta, the picador on duty, Roca already knew that the bull was going to serve him. And in Banderillas, a perfect third. Chip at medium height without damaging the canvas, Chacon, sublime among his peers, and Gomez Algaba, with his usual effectiveness and accuracy. The silver medalists saluted and that is always good because the public catches glimpses of the good.

after toasting The epitome of bullfighting and goodness is José María Montilla, rock started low With the right hand, but without inflicting excessive punishment. grope, grope The bull had nobility and yes, bravery too, Because he was brave and brave on horseback in the early stages of the work, but he lacked the ending, a point of greed, perhaps a spark, although Roca Ray understood it perfectly. We said that batch of six and the chest, yes, many on the right. Linking these creations takes decomposition, online bullfighting, a burden of luck in some measure, but between the cabbages and the cabbages, Peru manages to find lively, quality moments. Intensity is the term that defines that the chain lasts longer than usual, that is distributed to the public. On the left, the bull also allowed himself to do and Roka made such demands from him that Orthodox natural sprouted, And the plan goes awry. With the final blunder, the bull off course, the Peruvian set off the compass and narrowed the distance. Inverted circles, vile pastimes, swallowing one by one. Full gazpacho and people standing. With a sword, as has been said, a panzer. In three shots, arm up, touch down and wearing shot. Two ears of a long, integral work, Measured everything from beginning to end, From greatcoat to sword, All planned. a victory.

Roca Rey is in full swing this morning at the Caliphate Arena in Cordoba. manuel murillo

With 6th, a great bull but with less transmission, Roca began to care for the animal at half height on the right side. With the bull in the media, the bullfighter generated a timeout between the series and the series, as his opponent had enough gasoline. Nevertheless, one flank on the left was caught before all of its subaltern resources were deployed, in reverse circularity and evasiveness. superficial work before him, the lunge was already a prize, Up, boom, cannonball, on the ground.

and of planning for uncertainty and genius, morante, alas, she danced with the ugliest in the afternoon room, Without bull, without soul. He started high but in one of them the bull came and Malaguena. montera xl del cigarero said no and kill, The employees become annoyed with the man from La Puebla because there is so much desire to see him that they protest out of pure desperation. Luckily in the early afternoon they had left the heavy bullfights and beauty trails. Immediately after saying good afternoon to Veronica, Morante prescribed a batch with three of the authentic range. A small earwig then appeared as one of the rods leading the bull to the horse, which could be pulled every afternoon from which this genius fought. With crutches, he bent over, while Plaza crouched and had the character of an incident due to his slowness in crutches executed with both hands against the noble Domingo Hernandez, his bullfighting. With less oxen, another batch of natural curds and he lengthened his work after a moment of trouble with hard but slow and precious crutches. Bad with the sword, greeted with applause.

And Juan Ortega has struggled with the worst of the batch, In Morante’s first bull and in some loose sets in his bulls, he has barely been able to show Veronica. With the first of your batch, a few past turnstiles and some faint right hands This has been the only thing that stands out. With the sword, rally. Being humble, he has been returned one-fifth of the normal. Not because he was lazy, but because he was humble, so much so that he seemed to cross in a limousine. amid workers’ anger The President took out the green handkerchief so that we can enjoy the work of this “eternal” country What are the stops? The cap was equally dull and dirty. Three Veronicas and it was already her balance. With the sword, the new rally. Silence, indifference in both. Bad thing, Ortega.

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