Carlos Vives failure in Disney series ‘The Bass Club’

Carlos Vives, the hero of the bass.

Singer Carlos Vives was one of the protagonists in the Disney Plus series ‘El Club de los Graves’.

Carlos Vives played the role of Amaranto Molina and even gave his wife, Claudia Elena, the opportunity to act, playing the role of teacher Miss Ochoa.

bass hero carlos vives
Carlos Vives, the hero of the bass.

bass club not hit

The production is summed up in an unconventional music teacher (Carlos Vives), who will be teaching at a school specializing in music education.

Actor Julian Arango, who is known for participating in Ugly Betty, is the director of the school (Eduardo Kramer) and every year he chooses 5 students to join the ‘teen band’ and it is there that the students keep Let’s develop the story for these posts.

Disney hired Carlos Vives, one of the most recognizable actors in Colombia, as Netflix’s The First Time was competing for viewers.

Carlos Vives said of the production, “Glad that Disney is also interested in this Colombian family of artists, which also turns out they are very representative of the region, you know, we’re Caribbean, we’re Andean. , we are Pacific.”

Colombian music blends are a feature of ‘El Club de los Graves’ and it was thought that this could attract Colombians.

however, The failure of Carlos Vives not to follow through on his representation very muchThe platform doesn’t have as many adult subscribers as Netflix or Amazon Prime.

This production could reach Colombian television if RCN or Caracol are willing to pay for the rights to the series.

“Each person, every creature is a world, each student and from their education, from their place of origin, brings a whole world, they bring many things (…) Then, realizing that each of them is the result of opposite experiences Together is different,” added Carlos Vives regarding the young characters of the series.

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