Carolina Cruise to stop performing on ‘Diya A Diya’

Carolina Cruz will stop performing on Diya A Diya as she joins the reality show Around the World in 80 Laughs (@carolinacruzosorio/Instagram)

During the past few days, rumors started circulating indicating some internal changes snail television Which will affect the various presenters of their variety or entertainment shows. In this regard he talked stefan sampedroVice President, Entertainment of the channel, who spoke in depth about the coming changes in terms of presenters, especially in the morning show ‘Diya Ae Diya’.

spoke to the executive Look about the next move snail televisionand among them he mentioned carolina cruzOne of the most recognizable faces of the program since its arrival in 2018. Sampedro announced that Valle del Cauca woman would stop presenting ‘Dia a Dia’ for a few months because of her participation in the comedy reality show ‘Around the World in 80 Laughs’, in what would be her first appearance in that format. In the same way, he referred to what would happen to the other current presenters of the program:

,(Carlos) Lime comes to present my name is and leave day to dayin moment. carolina cruz And juan diego venegasour chef is leaving Around the World in 80 Laughs,

In that sequence of thoughts, they are the only ones left in the morning program. Catalina Gomez And Caroline Soto, In principle, this would also apply to Ivan Lalinde, but his presence on ‘Dia a Dia’ is not portrayed as being so consistent, as he usually acts as presenter in La Voz formats, which will return in 2024, according to confirmed Sampedro in an interview with heart beat,

contrary to what was told by Graciela Torres, known as black candle, who said that viewers did not feel connected with the way the current team was presented in the narrations collected by Semana; Sampedro stated that the reasons behind these moves were related to the channel’s need to “preserve talent”, as well as the personal ambitions of its presenters to try themselves in other areas:

,Wilbur Corea I’ve been doing it for 12 years network And jenny cordovain 20 day to day, At some point, each, separately, raised his hand and said: ‘Come on, if you see the possibility of doing something different, keep me in mind. […] And it happened to me, apparently with his consent, [hacer el cambio…] They said they would love it. The results have been positive for the programs and their

No presenter has yet ruled on these changes.

Following the announcement a strong discussion was generated on social networks, as a result of the controversies that have arisen in recent days due to the views expressed in Día a Día (the most recent debate on breast implants). The Women’s Secretariat has confirmed Valle del Cauca woman as “guest speaker” at the ‘Women Leading Change’ forum that the unit will hold on 30 and 31 May. On Twitter in particular, several women expressed their disagreement and disapproval of the announcement:

What will change with a superficial female “lead” like “Carolina Cruz”? “Yes, the same Carolina Cruz who said that women who removed breast implants because of Asia syndrome actually did it for fashion and they look like men in a funny tone. Thank you our women’s secretariat 👏”; “#ForoWW4W2023 which will be held in Bogotá, will be led by Carolina Cruz, who believes that “women without breasts are not feminine”; “What should Carolina Cruz do after saying that women who remove their breasts Do they live as men?” some women wrote after the announcement.

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