Chicago Fire: Episode 21’s powerful scene that fans say crossed the line

Chicago Fire is a fire drama shown realistically since its inception on NBC. His rescue scenes feature the victims in the middle of any number of risky situations, but the season 11 episode 21 story went too far according to fans, who criticize the crudeness of the injury.

Chicago Fire Broadcasting Network’s hit action drama NBC Which has been aired since 2012. The series follows a group of firefighters, rescuers and paramedics working for the 51st Battalion. They are heroes who are perpetually risking their lives to save others.

Chicago Fire season 11 episode 21 scene had fans complaining

During its 11 seasons on screen, Chicago Fire has been characterized by the realism of its scenes thanks to the ease with which the actors interpret their characters in the midst of difficult situations. This is one of the keys to the NBC series, which are in charge of presenting stories that could have happened in real life.

It turns out that some of the stories told in Episode 21 of Season 11, titled ‘Change of Plans’ that aired this week, had some Chicago Fire fans shocked. It’s an intense scene that immediately drew criticism from fans of the hit NBC drama, who say the brutality with which it was shown crossed the line.

The most recent episode of Chicago Fire featured varying storylines, but one particular moment near the end of the installment was impressing some viewers of the hit fire drama. In the story Sylvie Brett (prison killer) Calming down a nervous girl who got caught in the eye with a thorn while fishing with her father.

Fans upset by loud Chicago Fire scene

In Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 21, Sylvie and Violet (Hanako Greensmith) attend a medical emergency involving a girl named Charlotte (ava ryan barbaz), a young woman who has experienced the horror of having a complex fishing lure caught in her eyes. The scene left fans in a tizzy and complaints on Reddit.

Some fans commented that they had difficulty watching the eye injury scene, while others avoided watching. Sylvie Brett is doing her best to pacify the young woman. said a viewer The victim shuddered and another commented that the drama was taking things too far and that no one needed to see the injury directly. He explained his dissatisfaction with the scene, writing that it made him physically ill.

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