Christy Solis joins the French nails trend with a design perfect for girls over 40

Christy Solis is one of the most beautiful women over 40 in the media field. wife of Marco Antonio Solis She is undoubtedly an epitome of beauty as in her youth the Cuban model was considered one of the most beautiful in Latin America and till date she remains so and in fashion. the women of whose instincts Marco Antonio Solis Follows we find French nails. this style of manicure is one of my favorites Christy Solis And it’s totally on trend.

Christy Solis seen more than once with this type manicure However since becoming a trend there are many ways to apply it to your nails and Marco Antonio Solis’s wife has used many of these options because with the nails manicure The French Cuban is one of the favorite designs for models’ hands because of its versatility to present it for different moments and occasions throughout the day.

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