Cinepolis Click announces end of operations and users complain about purchased movies

Cinepolis Click Announced end of operations and users Social Networks complained about the films purchased, since streaming platform I had the tools to sell you some tapes digitally forever.

“Let the Cinepolis clique get out, but let them release the films they have.” “Without shame, they keep money, but without giving service.” “Where can I complain about what they are doing”, were some of the comments from users upset by the decision Cinepolis Click.

The streaming platform will only allow you to watch purchased content until May 31 and if you rented a movie before April 30, you can watch it for the next 30 days or up to 48 hours after you press play.

After 10 years, the streaming platform says goodbye to the market, where they themselves confirm that changes in the entertainment industry have affected and cannot compete against large companies such as: Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO MaxAmong many other varieties to enjoy your favorite movies and series.

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