Cristina Hurtado shocks with her transformation and falls in love

One of the most loved and admired presenters in Colombia is Antioquia Cristina Hurtadowho enjoys a long career in the country’s major media outlets and on Colombian television.

If Christina stands out for anything, it is for her beauty, charisma, talent, but most of all, for the admirable home that she creates together with her husband. jose narvaez and their three children, Daniel, Juan Jose and MatthewThe latter came into the life of the presenter and singer quite unexpectedly and was born in 2022.

This affection and popularity, the woman from Antioquia has managed to transfer to social networks, where she is positioned as one of the Colombian presenters, especially on Instagram, where with her beauty and family life she has stolen hundreds of compliments. Are.

Recently, the presenter surprised her more than 6.5 million followers on Instagram by announcing that she was going to change the look, after the pieces of paper used in the beauty salon to change the color in her hair Was showing herself with. From there, millions of his fans were worried about the end result, something he showed hours later in his stories and in a publication.

Cristina Hurtado is surprised by her changed look

A few hours later, the woman from Antioquia decided to show her followers the final result of her time at the hairdresser, where she opted for platinum blonde, previously she showed through the stories of the social network a video where she showed the transition of her colors The process of converting to share the result in detail later through a post.

The presenter described the change in her appearance as “fascinating” and said that it was something she wanted to do for several months as she wanted to update her image to make a change in her life and why not start new projects. .

Change, purpose, good news.

As expected, the publication attracted thousands of Internet users, who took advantage of the comment box to leave many compliments and praises on her new look, maintaining that she looked more beautiful and younger.

Fabulous, with all due respect, you are the prettiest face on television, you turned out to be mamkita, that color makes you more divine, blonde has always been your ideal colour, beautiful every day.

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