“Damned liar”: Ipa Colombia goes all out against Yina Calderón universal

For those who do not know, Denidi Barrera Rojas, better known as Apa Colombia, is one of those women who have become famous thanks to the social network, especially for their particular way of speaking . (Keep reading: Former friends were sent against APA Colombia, what about La Valdiri?)

Moreover, she currently has millions of followers who support her for her work and for her keratin company which has gained strength over the years.

However, she is always involved in controversies due to the comments she makes through her networks, especially Instagram where she gives her opinion or failing that, as in this case, she criticizes other colleagues according to her norms. goes against

Yina Calderón, also a businesswoman of waistband and guaracha DJ, who became famous for her exclusive participation in the reality show “Protagonistas de Novel”, has a similar approach.

And it is that apparently, Yina was born to be controversial anywhere, and even through a screen, to say exactly as they come out at the moment.

Now, the content creator is criticized not only for her controversial comments, but also for the number of plastic surgeries she has had with her desire to become a “Colombian Barbie”. (May interest you: “You messed with someone who was not”: Ana del Castillo responds to Yina Calderón)

Precisely for this reason and purpose behind, content creators recently introduced a new beauty procedure on their lips to enhance their actual shape, with the aim of making them look like a doll. However, this went unnoticed when he showed it, as the size was exaggerated as usual.

As usual, Calderón cares little about the comments related to her body or the scandals she has been involved in, everything indicating that the only thing that matters to her is her humble opinion.

However, recently Epa Colombia was also asked for her opinion on the matter and without hesitation she came out against Yina. (Read here: The spectacle is over! Poncho Zuleta’s “La Frunita” bids goodbye to their relationship)

Although the two business women were close a few years ago, and they share as friends, the relationship between Yina Calderón and Denidi Barrera is damaged, and the way each one would have been is exactly the same.

As is often seen on social networks, one of the followers of Apa Colombia, knowing the way the business woman says, had the opportunity to ask her what she thought about the procedure that Yina underwent to inject her lips related to installation.

Well, apparently the DJ recently criticized another famous content creator of the country for doing the same.

“What do you think when Jesu injected her lips and Yina criticized him and now she does the same and her face?” the user wrote in the question box left by Apa Colombia in his Instagram stories.

Later and with his particular style, which he could not ignore, ‘La Apa’ took the opportunity to say whatever he thinks about Yina, mentioning his family problems and even other disputes. Also talked about who has become a trend these days. an intolerable person for him.

He said, “Yina is mad, she is mad, that girl is mad. I know she sends me regards, but she is an Indian, she has all kinds of problems. It was one of the expressions with which he began his forceful message.

Girdle’s businesswoman has not spoken in this regard, however, followers assure that knowing the way of the content creator, she could not ignore the comment which is directly related to her.

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