Diego Ventura fulfills Nazri’s dream of 18 great doors in goodbye

Sevillian bullfighter Diego Ventura, who cut three ears in a heavy afternoon, this Saturday managed to open the Puerta Grande de las Ventas for the eighteenth time, counting on the excellent play of his lot of bulls, Carmen Lorenzo Mudra.

Ventura was the true hero of the first of the two bullfights at the fair, not only because of his victory but also because of the roundness of his performance against the highest quality batch of Carmen Lorenzo’s unbalanced pennants that put him on the plate. To raise the highest number of marks on the shoulders achieved in Las Ventas.

He already cut off both his ears after confirming the substitute of Duarte Fernandes, who was second in the bullfight, and who was also the star bull of the bullfight, as he chased his horses in a relentless, rhythmic and rhythmic manner. did not close. Gallop wrapped.

All these qualities were used by the rider of Puebla del Río to enjoy fighting with his group of horses, who was furious and carried Carmen Lorenzo with a millimeter of anger, although while lighting the flag Wasn’t that much, somewhat mild.

Nevertheless, once he had finished his work, removing the “bronze” head and tying three small banderilles to the violin, an effective rezzonazzo, and the co-operation of his assistants so that the bull fell quickly, both of them The request was granted by a Presidency earl that, in justice, should have taken out the blue handkerchief as well so that “Montecillo” could roam.

And with even greater force, he asked for a double trophy after the fight in the fourth, to which Box did not agree this time, after Ventura, another bull with a very good background, now demonstrated and Your work is done with diverse decorations that excite the festive crowd of rejoicings.

Of sentimental note is that, in addition, he took a “look” around the ring, one of his star horses, when he was twenty, symbolically removed from the ring, removing the saddle and bridle and setting him free. Left to return to the stables.

The batch of Leonardo Hernández and Portuguese confirmator Duarte Fernandes, son of “cavaleiro” Rui Fernandes, who dressed as “amador” with the typical jacket of his land, was not so complete. And, indeed, the bull of the Lusitano ceremony fell and became disoriented, so that even the young rider’s good tone faded in the early stages.

With the afternoon already over, Duarte put too much meat on the grill, with a very pure rejoicing that he was left without a trophy due to his failures with the steels of death, as with Hernandez in his Happened with two oxen.

The bullfighter from Extremadura did another job for his first, one of Carmen Lorenzo’s fine specimens, but he didn’t hit the first one, which always frustrates the bullfight spectator. And he had real merit with the fifth, a humbler who tried to cross the barrier but whom Hernandez prepared to nail with attitude and claws, before scoring with poise.

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Three Carmen Lorenzo bulls, two from Los Espartales (1st and 5th) and one from El Capia (6th), were blunted for Rejon. Accompanied by Rennet and Vol, although without large equipment at the head, Lorenzo and Capia’s men stood out for their nobility and their gallop. And another particularly shone, “Montecillo”, which flew out of orbit. The people of Los Espartales were low caste and few.

Diego Ventura, in a burgundy jacket: Rezzonazzo opposite front (two ears); Back Slap (ears with unanimous request for another). He passed out on his shoulders through the great gate.

Leonardo Hernandez, in a dark gray jacket: punches and slaps on the back during drilling (ovation); Small back slap and four pees (applause after warning).

Duarte Fernandes, in a navy blue jacket, who confirmed the choice: a puncture and a short rejoin (ovation) from the opposite side; Deep puncture, half rezonazzo opposite and six outrageous (silenced after two warnings).

Duterte confirmed his choice with the 540 kg bull “Malcara”, Kale, with the iron of Los Espartales.

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