Dream come true! Belakath met Dhanna Paola and this iconic picture proves it

One of the Mexican artists that has earned the most popularity over the years is undoubtedly Dhanna paolaWell, ever since she started working in show business (when she was a girl) she stole everyone’s heart. Now, at the age of 27, she has mesmerized them with the power of her voice, talent in music and of course, her natural beauty. Here is one of his millions of fans who finally fulfilled their dream of meeting him and taking several pictures together: Belakath,

It was through her Instagram account that the “Explanation ofkittenHe shared three snapshots where he can be seen sitting next to the actress. The duo, knowing that they are all divas, didn’t hesitate to strike a pose, though they were forced to share a special moment in the dressing room. Felt happy.” Of the former star of the series “Elite”.

Dhanna Paola invites Belakath backstage (Photo: IG @labellakath)

took place during the third presentation of the meeting Dhanna paola at the National Auditorium as part of his “XT4S1S Tour”. even, Belakath He shared an excerpt from the concert and sent her a message of love and appreciation: “Thank you for the invite. You were fabulous. Keep smashing your style like you do and everything you put your mind to, love! “

A collaboration between Dhanna Paola and Bellakath is rumored (Photo: IG @lablakath)

Will Belakath and Dhanna Paola collaborate?

Well the saying goes, “when the water rings…” and in this case, the meeting of Dhanna paola And Catherine Botanic Gardenreal name of Belakatharoused suspicion among his followers, as the latter admitted that the interpreter of “Bad Fame” was the one who invited him behind the scenes King of reforms. It is necessary to remember that the former participant of “Enamorandonos” from the Ajusco television station had already admitted that she wanted to collaborate with artists like herself.

Fans went crazy over the cast’s photo together (Photo: IG @labellakath)

“Power, how beautiful to meet you!!!!”, Dhanna Paola wrote in the reggaeton publication, while she replied “Love you are INCREDIBLY! Thank you for today!”. For their part, fans did not hesitate to demand a melody: “Together you would make the song of the century”, “Is there a collaboration?”, “I’m dreaming, two of my favorite artists together”, Some were the messages that they reached.

Belakath enjoys Dhanna Paola concert at National Auditorium (Photo: Screenshot)

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