Elizabeth Banks resurrects ‘The Flintstones’, sparking demand for an exclusive Weird Al track as theme song

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Elizabeth Banks no plans to breathe after victory cocaine bear, he directly the flintstones called with fox Base And there is no one to slow him down. With that breaking news, fans are calling for the theme song to be a weird al yankovic Since 2009, a legend that is ahead of its time.

Elizabeth Banks has been stealing fans’ hearts since 1998 when she played Vicki dedication dorothy, His greatest hits include 2002 Spider Man as Betty Brant, 2003 seabiscuit Marcella Howard, as of 2005 40 year old virgin Beth, as of 2012 pitch perfect Gail, as of 2015 Magic Mike XXL Paris and as of 2019 Charlie’s Angels as a burden. Of course, his long list of distinguished films and films goes up to over 90 credits. Recently, she has been hosting press your luck on ABC.

Does she know how to take a break? Apparently not judging by the announcement of her latest project.

After a huge success in producing and directing cocaine bearShe’s back as executive producer with the upcoming animated series BaseIn which she will also be seen giving voice to the now grown up Pebbles.

Stephen Root will voice Fred while Amy Sedaris will voice Wilma, Nicole Byer will play Betty, Joe Lo Truglio will be sidekick Barney, and Manny Jacinto will play the strong and crazy Bam-Bam.

As deadline According to reports, the story is set two decades after the OG series and Fred is about to retire. Pebble is in her 20s and fans will soon find out if Bamm-Bamm and he ever get back together or if she’s met someone else, the next-door neighbor who’s been dating her since she was born. Is with him, is in the friend zone. Another question fans will want to know is whether Bamm-Bamm is actually his name since Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble have first and last names. Is Bamm-Bamm a caveman who has no right to a real name?

Obviously, this news has sparked all kinds of reactions and amid the fear Base there could be one more Velma, One fan cited Weird Al’s “Bedrock Anthem” as the perfect song for the show. He came up with it years ago when no one else was even thinking about ’60s animated series. Somehow, this creative genius took on the personality of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and turned their “Give It Away” into a hit. flintstones theme. No one in their right mind would do such a thing, but no one ever said Weird Al was in their right mind. Sometimes.

Of course, this should be the topic! Elizabeth Banks is producing and voicing Pebbles on Lock, and the rest of the cast has been finalized. All that’s left is to give Weird Al the victory he so much deserves.

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