Erati sings ‘A Thousand Years’ at La Voz Kids’ blind audition

John Lennon I’ve lived my second chance’the voice kids, Pratibha makes the most of the opportunity, gets a full session. All the coaches have pressed the button! Although Lennon has decided to go to Sebastian Yatra’s team. What a wonderful moment we just witnessed.

now it’s my turn Iraqi ibisetteTwelve year old talent has sung a very special song titled ‘A Thousand Years,

With a lot of nerves, Pratibha has climbed the stage but she hasn’t managed to make the coaches spin their chair.

At the end of the performance, the little girl was very excited and not because she didn’t get caught, but because she had met her great idol:sebastian travel,

The coaches have given her a lot of encouragement to continue fighting for her dream and re-entering the competition.

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