Erica rocks the blind auditions by singing a song by Nina Pastori

Paula and Erika have something in common: they are both passionate about flamenco. paula He has decided to risk it all and sing a very Scorpions song in his audition. gait is not so bad Bisbal Pressed at the last second.

now it’s your turn Erica, Sung by young talentst john love‘ the subject of girl pastor Due to which he has ruined the pure feeling on the stage.

Erica created a version that the coaches really liked and so Rosario, David Bisbal and Sebastian Yatra button is pressed during their performance.

Rosario asks the young woman to join her team because she doesn’t have any flamenco this year. Yatra, for his part, has tried it without much encouragement because he knows that flamenco is not his strong point. David Bisbal wishes him well, who should he choose.

Erika has said that she was very clear about this from the beginning and that she is going straight to Team Rosario. Welcome to The Voice Kids!

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