Etna and Yatra’s relationship is confirmed, though the couple doesn’t talk about it

Sebastian Yatra and Aitana Ocana They have had more time to get to know each other than expected. Both have expressed the possibility of maintaining a long-term romantic relationship but nothing has been confirmed by either of the personalities of the artistic world so far. however, During the wedding celebration of Lele Pons and Guyana, it seemed that everything went beyond a simple friendship.

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The Spanish singer was recently approached by the media and some of them asked questions related to her alleged romance with Sebastian Yatra. She immediately knew how to handle the situation and changed the subject without answering the question, although she said she was “glad”.

Despite the fact that the trip established a courtship with Argentinian Tini, His closeness to Aitana was always highlighted. The Colombian looks happy and talks about his apparent new conquest as an incredible woman, but he doesn’t even confirm that there is a second half to the story between the two.

The singer, who also recently released a new song, ‘random one nightparticipated in the program anthill To promote this topic.

And since it couldn’t be otherwise, in the case of the first interview they’ve given since their relationship was confirmed, they Confront Pablo Motos’ Questions About His Girlfriend,

Fans of the cast started commenting on this topic. “Sebas is a nice, very talented guy”, “Beautiful couple”, “Let them do what they want. They are old and great”, “What I don’t like is that when it’s over She’s a loser”, “Well, I hope they love each other”, added some internet users.

the singers met on stage Operation Triumph 2017 during Fiesta 12, in which Yatra was a guest star. Since then, they formed a beautiful relationship. so much that They have done many collaborations together., between them, dead heart And DoubtIn which the collusion between the two was always shining.

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