Exclusive: Maxine Woodside reveals a photo of Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas looking madly in love

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it appears that luis miguel He’s a new man since he started their relationship Pigeon CavesBecause now they can be seen to be very affectionate, something that did not happen with their other partners.

Proof of the above is the romantic photo of “El Sol de México” with the Spanish businessman, which was featured in the program “Todo para la mujer”.

In the said snapshot, which was taken at Daniel’s restaurant in New York, Paloma Cuevas can be seen caressing the cheek of the “La Inconditional” interpreter, who has hugged her around the waist.

“A picture of Luis Miguel just arrived, very special, no one has […] at Daniel’s restaurant in New York […] He looks great,” said Maxine Woodside.

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On the other hand, the so-called “queen of radio” commented that a friend of hers, very close to both the singer and the businessman, revealed that Paloma Cuevas was deeply in love with the artist.

The headline of “Everything for Women” stated, “A friend, who is Paloma’s closest friend, told us that Paloma is lost in love for Luis Miguel and Luis Miguel.”

How did Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas meet?

It was announced on 26 January luis miguel And Pigeon Caves For several days they were walking very lovingly in Spain, where they could be seen in different photos published by the magazine “Semana”.

According to the said media, the couple traveled from Madrid to Bilbao in a private jet and enjoyed the fine menu of the restaurant accredited with one Michelin star.

The images published by “Semana” confirmed a romance that was already in the media, since some time ago they were seen in a hotel in Madrid, where “El Sol de México” lives, and later in the Spanish capital. in a department store.


The couple met through a friendship between Enrique Ponce, the interpreter of “Ahora Te Puede Marcher” and Cuevas’ ex-husband, with whom they shared days of bullfighting and boleros on the bullfighter’s farm in Spain.

Pons and Pigeon Caves They broke up in 2020; Since then, he is in a relationship with young Ana Soria and later started dating luis miguel,

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