From the open sea, Aracely Arámbula raises the temperature in a bathing suit and transparency


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A Mexican actress, Aracely Arámbula has taken over. Social Networks Wrapped in her attractive figure at the age of 47 bikini and transparency. The artist who has also worked as a singer looks regal in a bathing suit as in 2000, when she was nominated in the categories of “Best Album”, “Best Duo” and “Best Regional Mexican Song” for her breakthrough music. was nominated at the Billboard Awards. ,

Although the ex of Luis Miguel made his first steps in soap operas such as “Prisonera de Amor”, “Acapulco, Cuerpo y Alma” and “Cancion de Amor”, currently araceli arambula It is very popular on social media. this is only on instagram araceli arambula She has 6.4 million followers who admire her for her beauty, even more so when she models bikini,

Even then araceli arambula She rose to fame in 1997 after playing the young version of Veronica Castro in “Pueblo Chico, Infierno Grande”. Thanks to her success, the actress and influencer Social Networks He managed to work on several projects, such as “The Soul Has No Color” and “Passionate Grudge”.

Despite her immense talent, Luis Miguel’s ex had to wait to get her first leading role, which came in 1998 with the youth soap opera “Sonadores”. After that araceli arambula He participated in the “Alma rebellion” and in 2002 he starred in “Las vies del amor”. As if that wasn’t enough, the beautiful model to fall in love with bikini He also worked in the theater with productions such as “Muchchos de Nueva York”, “Coqueluche” and “Hermanos de Sangre”.

star of Social Networks, who was the host of the program “Todo Bebe” and who starred in “Corazon Salvaje”, has turned the whole of Instagram upside down with her most recent publication. For this araceli arambula introduced on bikini From a yacht showing more than beautiful scenery in the background.

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