Gerard Piqué bragged about Clara Chia on his social networks

After a year of maintaining a discreet relationship and trying to stay away from the media, Piqué and Clara Chia were seen on social networks without reservation (@3gerardpique/Instagram)

a year after the separation between shakira And Gerard Piquéproduct of infidelity of recognized central defender of FC Barcelona Together clara chiayoung interns from your company cosmos, Spanish has become a favorite target of social networks. On the one hand, the followers of the Colombian singer do not forgive her infidelity. On the other hand, the hostility of the supporters of the great rival of the Blaugrana team real MadridThey never miss an opportunity to blame him for the bad reputation he has earned in recent times.

Faced with this, Piqué has tried to respond in different ways, such as criticizing the paparazzi who covered the whole story, or the haters On social networks it indicates that most are from Latin America. Of course, in neither case has he shown signs of repentance. For her part, Clara Chia has also been involved in controversies, especially since it became known in the Spanish media that, along with her friends, she referred to Shakira in a derogatory manner. This has forced him to shut down his personal social networks on several occasions in order to avoid being the target of criticism.

Now the situation seems to have calmed down considerably and Piqué, who until now was concerned about maintaining his relationship with Clara Chia, has now, following the end of his relationship with Shakira, expressed his public concern over the comments against her. Determined to continue with life. For this reason, he has shared a picture with Clara Chia in his Instagram account. In it, the ex-footballer can be seen somewhat shirtless, hugging his girlfriend from behind with his face glued to his face. In the brief, she is seen wearing a black T-shirt and is in charge of taking the photo, as can be evidenced by the hand that can be seen outstretched towards the lens.

There is no message accompanying the picture in the description: only an orange heart emoji is visible. But the facial expressions of both leave no doubt about the collusion and affection between them. Despite this, the comments in the publication insisted on pointing out that “what starts badly ends badly”, and even compared the situation with a triangle. Anuel AA, Karol G. And Yellin most viral, There were also those expressing their support for Shakira.

Gerard Pique published a photo on his social networks in which he can be seen in full communion with Clara Chia (@3gerardpique/Instagram)

via podcast mamraaziSpanish journalist Lorena Vásquez has revealed that Gerard Piqué’s environment is strongly influenced by the whole situation that separated the famous couple, as the former professional footballer will now be greatly influenced by the distance with the minors.

According to the journalist, “The whole paternal family suffers greatly from this situation because the relationship with the children has changed.” Since the couple had separated and it was established that Shakira would retain custody of the minors, she took them with her to Miami, which is why Milan and Sasha apparently grew closer with the Colombian, which was demonstrated by Singing along with them was done. recently single, acrostic,

Vasquez claims to have information from Gerard Piqué’s close circle, who have told him that the Spaniard is now having a hard time with his relationship with his children, as everything indicates that the two minors have distanced themselves from him. Have done. “I find it sad that the relationship between Gerard and his children, as they tell us, is not as fluid as it should be,” he said. Although he assured that he does not take sides, he said that Piqué is “having a very bad time” with the situation.

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