Graduation: Princess Eleanor graduates in Wales recognized for “passion for understanding others” People

Princess Leonor concluded this Saturday her two-year stay at UWC Atlantic College, an educational center located 26 kilometers from the city of Cardiff (United Kingdom), where she completed two years of the International Baccalaureate. The heiress to the Crown of Spain attends the graduation ceremony of her promotion, which was attended by her parents, King Felipe and Letizia, and her sister, the Infanta Sofía. On handing him the diploma, his tutor gave him a few parting words, praising his “passion for understanding others”. “Your love for deep conversation knows no bounds. Your steadfast passion for learning, understanding others and exploring diverse perspectives has truly enriched your experience at UWC. We will miss your sense of humor,” the teacher said, as reported by Casa Del Rey.

Leonor de Bourbon, who will celebrate her 18th birthday on October 31, thus closes her pre-university phase to face her three years of military training, which will begin in August at the General Academy of the Earth in Zaragoza. In these three years, he will go through the academies of all three forces (Earth, Navy and Air and Space) before going to university like his father. Three years in military academies will make the Princess of Asturias another member of the armed forces like her father and grandfather.

graduate, known as their study center liver festival (Festival of the Dropouts), took place this Saturday 20 May with the participation of students, teachers and their families.

In the Princess Leonore course, 165 students have graduated (101 females and 64 males). According to the information provided by the center, 104 of these students do not have English as their first language, 13 have Spanish as their first language and 7 have Spanish nationality. According to information provided by Casa del Rey, “Atlantic is intentionally diverse, ensuring that students from different socioeconomic backgrounds, cultures, and religions can live and learn together.” The center’s ambition is to “develop compassionate bridge builders and leaders, empowering them to go beyond symptomatic treatment to understand root causes and initiate transformative solutions to human and environmental crises.” He adds, “We are passionate about the fact that learning becomes more powerful when it is used for the common good.”

Princess Leonor has chosen for the big occasion a red dress, a design signed by the brand Apperentia, in a size one. blazer Long double breasted dress and silver sandals. Her sister, Infanta Sofía, opted for a blue flared blouse and pant set. Queen Letizia has chosen a white suit with a light pink blouse and King Felipe in blue.

Kings Felipe and Letizia pose with their daughters, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia, at the gate of the UWC Atlantic College in Wales (United Kingdom).
Kings Felipe and Letizia pose with their daughters, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia, at the gate of the UWC Atlantic College in Wales (United Kingdom).
Francisco Gomez (Royal House / EFE)

Two pictures before the celebration have been shared from the Royal House. In one, more formal, the king and his daughters stand in front of the punishment mask of San Donato; And in another, more informal one, the four are more relaxed and smiling. Leonor Hasn’t Been Alone Royal To graduate this morning: So has Alexia de Orange, the youngest daughter of Maxima and Guillermo de Holanda.

The Princess of Asturias will join the educational hub characterized by an “open and critical spirit” in August 2021 to study two International Baccalaureate courses. The institution is based in the medieval castle of San Donato in the Welsh Vale of Glamorgan, and annually welcomes approximately 350 students of 90 nationalities. Over the years it has been the go-to school of some royalty, California millionaires and bohemian intellectuals because of its ability to foster personal responsibility in students, their ability to discover, experiment, collaborate and serve others.

Now it will be Infanta Sofía who follows in the footsteps of her older sister, as recently reported by La Zarzuela. Her induction into this same school is scheduled for the end of August and Infanta Sofía will reside, like her sister Leonor, at the Atlantic College “according to the boarding regime” established by the Center. “The cost of the international graduation that Infanta Sofia will undertake will be fully met equally by the King and Queen with their annual allowance and sum of 74,000 pounds sterling. [82.707 euros] for both the courses.

After graduation, Princess Leonor will return to Spain and take a few months off. From August 17, he will start training for military life.

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