“He has more merit than other contestants”

‘Influencer’ exclusively gives his opinion about his friend’s competition

Joanne Viergo begins her adventure in Cayos Cochinos as one of the hottest favorites for the viewers, He influencer His network accumulates about 600 thousand followers who support him in the competition and also see him as a winner. although it is true The content creator started with one major hurdle and that is that he is a vegetarianWhich puts him in a tough position in the competition.

Viewers rate Joanne Virgo as their favorite

Viewers Think About The Casting Of ‘Survivors’

This is something that his friends and defenders insist upon in the debate, Lucas Loren, who believes that it is really difficult to participate in ‘Survivors’ with the condition of not eating any products of animal origin. Access to food is limited for the competitors, a privilege they only get thanks to the games that the program offers them. For this reason, he does not hesitate to maintain that Jonan “qualifies much higher than the other contestants.” In fact, Jonan has already had to accept eggs and milk, products of animal origin, in his diet. To be on ‘Survivors’.

On the red carpet of the premiere of ‘Influencers: Surviving the Networks’, the new series produced by Mediaset, which premiered on Mitel Plus and Amazon Prime Video, Luke Lorena comes out in defense of Jonan as he feels she should have been very good competition. Although admit that he is not so much a hero as he says, the influencer He is a person who runs away from controversies, Even then, believes “he’s giving it his all” and is convinced his friend will win reality, Likewise, the fact of having lived the experience, he says, is an achievement.

Lucas, for his part, doesn’t see himself participating in “Survivors,” but he doesn’t rule out making the jump to television at some point. However, he admits that the digital and television worlds are very different and that too Not all content creators are ready to participate reality, “When you take someone out of their natural habitat, they don’t feel comfortable,” he says.

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