Hiroko Utsumi, director of Banana Fish, MAPPA unveils Buchigiri?! tv anime for january

Mappa Sunday’s Stage 2023 event unveils new anime Butchigiri?! from the director hiroko utsumi And Mappa for a January television premiere. The event revealed the anime’s staff, promotional videos and teaser scenes.


In addition to directing, Utsumi is credited with series script supervisor and screenwriter as well as origin story. taku kishimoto, Mappa., And toho, takahiro kagami serving as the character designer and one of the chief animation directors.

Other staff members include:

Utsumi and Mappa have worked with before banana fish Anime. Utsumi has also directed such anime Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club, Free! eternal summerand both seasons of the original anime Sk8 Infinite,

Source: Press Release, Mappa stage 2023 livestream

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