“I wanted to show that you can be an actress without being beautiful”

Hours before going to see the film, the audience focused their attention on the Oscar Awards everything at once, Blanca Portillo starred in a vindictive and acclaimed moment at the Málaga Festival, which is celebrating its 26th edition until next Sunday, March 19. Supported by directors Gracia Querejeta and Paula Ortiz; And the actor Asier Atxandía, the interpreter, surprised with the costumes he took the stage of the Teatro Cervantes to collect the Málaga-sur prize, with which the competition wanted to pay tribute to his career.

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Crying and laughing, as the audience in the room applauded, she said: “You must be wondering what this fool is doing dressed like this on a night of splendor and splendour.” Afterward, the actress pulled away from the lectern for those in attendance to verify that she was wearing jeans, a white short-sleeved T-shirt, and sneakers.

“This was a very thoughtful decision. I am not here tonight to defend any specific character or work. I am here because you have decided to value nearly forty years of work, which is almost unhealthily Dedicated to acting. Since that’s what you’re evaluating, I want to get at it as a person, not an actress. And it’s plain and clear what I am: Blanca, a person,” she shared.

“A human being stripped of luxury and disguise, without additives or dyes or preservatives. A 59-year-old woman who is scared and cold most of the time is in desperate need of love and support. Beers with friends, party champagne, love of appreciation”, before comparing himself to actor Brad Pitt, assuring that the two have “some things in common”.

among them, being “almost the same age” and having “exactly the same nose”. “It’s a pity he was born in Oklahoma and not Burgos, for example. Because he missed meeting the love of his life, which is me, not Angelina Jolie.” In the end, he ironically defended a joint battle: “We both had to fight against our physiques in order to value our acting abilities, only in the opposite way. She has fought against her beauty to prove that she is more than just a pretty body and face. And me, against my lack of beauty to show that you can be an actress without it.

I have fought against my lack of beauty to show that one can be an actress without it

With his words he drew applause from the audience, who paused to hear his claim with which he ended his speech: “I want to take advantage of this recognition to send a message of strength and hope to everyone who is Ever been told they need the physique to dedicate themselves to this profession. Love, effort, training, the ability to dream of what doesn’t exist, the ability to overcome fear. It takes courage, respect for yourself and those around you. Culture, work and devotion. All this grows over years and with practice. Everything else, takes time.”

his award winning career

Born in Madrid in 1963 and graduated in Dramatic Art from the Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramatico (RESAD), she started out in plays Blood Wedding, Winter’s Tale, Oleana, Terror and Misery of the Third Reich And woman in front of mirror, In 1997 he directed his first play, there are some loves that speakwhich will be followed in 1999 shakespeare two piece, his first film was between redDirected by Azucena Rodríguez, in 1995. After granny in doggy (Pilar Miro, 1996) and He (Fernando Colomo, 1996), his role in color of clouds (1997) by Mario Camus earned her a Goya nomination for Best New Actress.

After two other candidates, for return (2006) by Pedro Almodovar – for which he was honored at Cannes – and seven french pool table (2007) by Gracia Querejeta – for which she received the Silver Shell at the San Sebastián Festival – Big Head approaches her for her leading role in 2022 maxbell by Iciar Bollain.

Other outstanding titles in his filmography are Alatriste (2006) by Agustin Diaz Yenes, goya’s ghosts (2006) by Milos Forman, my prison yard (2008) by Belen Macias, broken hug (2009) by Almodovar and Invisible (2020) by Querejeta. pending premiere Teresapaula ortiz new movie (Friend),

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