“It is impossible to imagine such suffering”

Telecinco premieres the second season of Disappeared tonight, starring Juan Achanov as a very human police inspector.

Juan Akanov is not intimidated by anything put in front of him. that’s his mantra He has “all that remains to be done”, directs in the theaterbread and bull– And starting tonight, several months after it was recorded and already aired on Prime Video, the second season of the series premieres on Telecinco (at 11:00 p.m.). disappearedWhere? inspector abad plays again,

It is not an easy role. He tackles the search for missing persons and, as always, he puts himself in the shoes of his characters. This time it is the role of a policeman who has to manage a complex police brigade and, above all, the pain and suffering that comes with losing a loved one: “It is unimaginable what must be endured”,

The new season begins two years after Group 2 of the Central Investigation Brigade was flagged for crimes against persons, its troops under the command of Chief Inspector Abad face a new period marked by changes and New responsibilities at the individual level, a part that comes to the fore in Ichanov’s interpretation, Inspector Abad is not an ordinary policeman.

How do you manage a role in which you have to face the rigors of missing out?
I am faced with a character who, in addition to some very important human qualities, the life he leads and the work he does, require great precision in maintaining all these . The way to approach a character like Inspector Abbott is to be as careful in structuring the role as in understanding the character.
In the series you put yourself in the place of the people who experience these terrible situations. How would you react if this happened to you?
By doing this series, you get even closer to this drama. But it doesn’t matter how close you get because you work on it, because you test it, because you prepare it… no matter how close you get, it’s impossible to imagine the suffering
After releasing months ago on Prime Video, Disappeared has now released on free-to-air television. Is this a model that works or is television subject to an increasingly new platform industry? Is positive?
I can’t give you an actual and well-founded opinion because right now in the world of exhibitions, a premiere is something that is far removed from filming. Before you knew it when it was released, today I actually believe it is produced a lot, but that has had to make compromises to the chains, so that the product can move. Honestly, when they call me to do a job, I never know what date it will air, so I just live it and enjoy it. And I tell you more, it’s impossible to know what’s best to produce. But if it is first released on some platform and then openly, then there is a reason for it.

In this new season and after a dramatic and open ending, the attempt to find the whereabouts of the disappeared This will lead to Chief Inspector Abad and his team having encounters with police and judicial officers on occasions, while they attempt to clear up a wide range of cases, such as the case of a teenager whose trail has disappeared on his way home from school; an old man who has lost track and his life is in danger if he does not find medicine; a man who disappears under mysterious circumstances on his wedding day; and a hopeless drug addict who is constantly sought out by his son, among others.

new season of disappeared He promises to continue the cases that remain open, as Carmen and her titanic fight to get her son Pablo back. Probably the case which affects the most and for which the whole brigade suffers the most.

Would you dare to direct a series like Disappeared?
Direction is very complex and more so in a series like Disappear. I dare to do everything, but I feel more comfortable directing scenarios.
You’ve done a comedy, a thriller, now a crime scene, you’re still directing Pan y Toros… which one do you prefer?
with everyone. Deep down, there must be consistency in all that I do. I don’t care about comedy, action… I try to do my job as best I can. And for this I see things, feel and do things that open up my ability to do my job well, which is none other than directing and interpreting. It doesn’t matter what it is because the purpose is to present a story that needs to be told and people vibrate when you tell it. I like to perfect the characteristics of my work that I have identified, exploring and refining them whenever the opportunity arises.
Renew or Die?
Renew, always renew. Also, renovation now requires a lot of dedication, so in order to metabolize everything created in the performing arts, which apparently have a hard time, it should be very clear that renovation is not the future, it is current.
What roles has Juan Iconov left?
Everything, but everything, everything. I feel the same way now as I did 25 or 30 years ago. I am waiting for life to surprise me and get some chance.
Is it time to bet on good fiction for television? What should be in a good novel?
They have to have something that moves, that moves the story forward, that is interesting, and the better the story, the more engaging it is. It doesn’t matter if it’s comedy, drama, drama, apocalyptic, the key is to move on that scale. It is a good moment of creation because it is a good moment of production. There are people who say that it is a bubble, but the truth is that production has been very good in recent years.
Is it better now than before?
Till when? Like when did Canal Plus exist? I don’t know at what point you can make a yardstick for comparison. The platform caters to the genre of television movies all in one go. There is a material beyond it and it has to do with seeing everything. However, on free-to-air television, lifetime television series remain in vogue.

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