Jenna Ortega claims ‘Wednesday’ is not the ‘proudest moment’ of her career

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Netflix’s Wednesday When the series premiered on the streaming platform last year, it was an instant hit, so much so that news outlets reported that it was the second most watched premiere of all time, clocking in billions of minutes.

Despite glowing reviews from fans and critics alike, and receiving multiple award nominations for her portrayal as Wednesday Adams, star Jenna Ortega Turns out it’s not something she would consider the “proudest moment” of her career. The actress shared this revelation during her recent interview on Dax Shepard’s podcast, Armchair expert with Dax Shepard.

In the discussion, Ortega revealed that her feelings towards the show are because she does not want to be accepted only for that role. Noting that she could not see the finished product of her projects, Ortega said,

“I can’t see my work, but I can go home from set and say, ‘I loved the scene we shot today.’ There wasn’t a scene in that show on ‘Wednesday’ that I went home and was like, ‘Okay, that should be fine. Now a lot of people know me by that.’ It’s not my proudest moment internally, which I think also adds an extra level of insecurity and stress. Because it’s like, no, I’m finally getting these offers in places that I want, But I don’t particularly want to go for it.

Later, Ortega also revealed how he felt about being nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award and a Golden Globe Award. The 20-year-old expressed that although she was honored by the general public’s praise, she couldn’t wrap her mind around it, as the moment showed that people are “easy to please”. Ortega said,

“My mind completely ignores that: ‘Oh, it must be so easy to please the masses.’ People are sending material so fast, and the fact that we actually sat down and spent a lot of time on it, I think, would naturally elevate or maybe make a show more engaging for an audience.

Ortega has been a part of the entertainment industry for over a decade and has had small roles in movies and shows including iron Man 3 And jane the virgin, The actress’ career finally catapulted when she starred in the Disney Channel series stuck in the middle In 2016.

The show aired on the network for three seasons and ended in 2018. But it didn’t stop there. After the end of his hit series, Ortega will star in Netflix You, yes dayAnd scream v before taking on the role of Wednesday Adams. Ortega’s upcoming projects – apart from the highly anticipated second season of Wednesday – include Scream VIFor which she will reprise her role as Tara Carpenter.

Wednesday Now Streaming on Netflix.

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