Jhon Alex Castaño crashed in a small plane in which he was traveling to Pipa, Boyaca

Singer Jhon Alex Castaño, 41, was horrified this Saturday, saying this through his social network Pepa, coming from the city of Pereira, encountered an accident while landing in Boyaca.

“An hour ago we were dropping Pereira off at the plane and we had an accident at Paipa airport,” he initially said.

The artist assured that everything happened when the plane he was on Its right landing gear broke off, causing it to skid off the runway.

“We’re all fine, the pilots are fine, but the most important thing is that being here brings him more to life every day and teaches him that God comes first, family first,” said John Alex Castano.

The singer took advantage of the situation to send a reflective message to his followers.

,I thank God for this fear, in spite of the fact that I have been suffering from a disease for about three years and I have improved a lot, (I know that) everything can be shut down from one moment to the next,” he said.

He said that “It is not famous, it is not for the one who has the most, it is for the one who has the most God in his heart and I feel happy today because I thought if I had died I would have gone straight to my little god to be with him,

For this reason, he said that tonight’s concert would be “like the first concert of his life.”

,Today I Learned Life’s Greatest Treasure, To Be At Peace With God, Knowing that the family, the kids and everyone around us love each other,” he said.

Lastly, he thanked his followers for all the messages they have received.

What is John Alex Castano’s illness?

The singer began presenting health problems related to thyroid and sugar, a condition that required him to undergo a strict diet and stop consuming alcohol.

“I am already 40 years old, maybe because I started drinking other types of alcohol, I never drank brandy, suddenly it happened, at the moment I am being treated for a shot in my thyroid gland Hai, I have to keep in mind, I have changed the issue of sugar, ”said the Risaraldance singer at the time.

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