Karol G: The microbikini in which she raised the temperature of the weekend

On the night of 23 February, one of the most anticipated collaborations of the year was finally premiered: that of Karol G and Shakira, because although they are one of the most successful and loved singers of the moment, their being in a song together It was a great experience. Fetish for fans of both

Titled “TQG” (‘Te Quedó Grande’), the song serves as a throwback to people who have had love affairs, in this case Shakira’s ex-boyfriends Piqué and Anuel AA and Mr. Carol, Accordingly, it ranks first in music trends on YouTube. In the first half day of its release, it received over 12 million views, which the Barranquilla woman generated with producer Bizzrap.

Carol ji posing. Source: Instagram

Carroll G. He is the one who says the clearest phrase in the song, which shows a total denial of what his love was. Showing sensuality, one from Medellin confirmed that “”La Bichota””was too good for her ex-partner who left her for Dominican singer Yellin La Mas Viral, with whom she married and is expecting a child. Has been

Karol ji conquered social networks with her beauty

a few hours ago, Carroll G. It proved that she is one of the most beautiful women in the music industry. She recently uploaded a series of photos on Instagram where her figure stands out and with her dark red hair, she showed off the new fashion.

Carol ji posing. Source: Instagram

Wearing a white bathing suit with stickers of flowers and butterflies, pointing to the cover of her new album “Mana Ser Bonito” Carroll G. He thanked his followers and fans who love him for always supporting him without giving up on his career.

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