Kate Middleton breaks down over Prince William’s infidelity with Rose Hanbury

the stress and fury they faced Kate Middleton when he encountered Rose Hanbury, her husband’s lover Prince William, It must have brought him to tears. This situation generated a lot of controversy on social networks, who widely condemned the future king. United Kingdom This affair is probably with the English nobleman since the year 2019, while the British royal family makes every possible effort to hide this dispute.

when scandalous photographs were published in 2019 where prince of wales He was having a good time with Rose Hanbury, the media and a large part of the public disapproving of the attitude of William, who by then had been labeled as “an exemplary man”.

However, the French tabloid said a previous meeting had taken place with the Princess of Wales matted of Cholmondeley, Not everything was “rose coloured”. Unfortunately, the future queen consort could not contain her emotions and burst into tears when she saw Rose beside her husband.

All this happened on June 3, 2019, when the deceased had already died Queen Isabel II hosted a banquet for the visit of the former President of State got included in, Tycoon Donald Trump, In this Buckingham Palace.

To cat He could be seen to be angry with the intention of keeping his head up; However, she was polite and began to cry in front of her guests when she saw the appearance of her former friend.

It is even said that Donald Trump himself would have noticed the environmental stress Princess of the Vale. All this, because of what happened and all the emotional damage she caused when she saw that everyone was talking about the leaked photos of her new husband.

And you, what do you think about this situation that you experienced? Kate Middleton with boyfriend Prince William,

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