Kimberly Flores clarified that the bag Edwin Luna was carrying was hers!; Why was he wearing it?

  • Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flores appeared on the red carpet at Premio Lo Nuestro and received comments on social networks because he was carrying his wife’s bag.
  • Kimberly clarifies that the bag was not his but hers and asks why she is carrying it.
  • Edwin Luna has attracted attention for his dyed hair and the way he dresses on various occasions.

On 23 February, the Premio Lo Nuestro was held, a ceremony attended by celebrities and paraded along the Magenta Carpet, Edwin Luna and Kimberly FloresSome of the celebrities who got the most attention.

The couple received comments on social networks asking Kimberly to let her husband carry his bag during the rug, but she came out to clarify that the bag was actually hers.

“That bag doesn’t fit, I had to carry a smaller one”, “And what is that diaper bag for? It goes too far”, “Is this serious? On the red carpet carrying a bag that doesn’t matter were some of the comments she received, so Kimberly responded to the opinion on Instagram and clarified, “The bag is his, not mine haha”,

Also in the program ‘La Mesa Caliente’, Kimberly confirms that it was her husband’s bag. and delved into Description about why she wore it and posed with it on the magenta carpet.

,It wasn’t my bag, it was his bag. My husband arrived on the red carpet with a bag, and everyone asked me why he was carrying my bag and I told him, ‘It’s not my bag, my husband has it’, she remarked, laughing.

Edwin Luna’s wife complemented her by saying that she also carries her bag, only she didn’t show it on the carpet, “Actually I carry my bag but I hid it. He wanted to break the stereotype and said, ‘This designer brand came with men’s bags’ and said, ‘I’ll take mine’ and everything and went to the airport with his bag.ending, once again making clear her support for her husband.

In the past, Edwin Luna has drawn attention for the way he dresses and even for his hair since he dyed it pink, however, he does not take the criticism so seriously and has declared that ” You have to understand the role of the medium. .. It would be very silly of me to get angry”, when he begins to doubt his priorities, something he also refers to by saying, “They label me that way And they’re not offending me, I guess who cares, total ignorance… I’ve been asked many times if I’m gay, if I’m gay, I’m not someone to be ashamed of or myself Considers a coward or who does not dare to tell him, in that case it was also given to my wife, more than anything we are proud and happy and we know that we all deserve respect.”

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