La Troja: 57 years of uninterrupted salsa and carnival fun

If you want to taste good salsa music in Barranquilla (sometimes African, boleros and folk music) and also feel in an atmosphere of friends and lovers of culture, do not think twice.

In Trojan You can find, live and enjoy that good music and that excellent atmosphere.

For this reason, it is an indispensable stop when visiting the capital of the Atlantic, a night of bliss Trojan.

Apart from rumba, it also has a cultural and artistic touch. And during Pre and Carnival, the real Carnival of Barranquilla takes place.

It is common to see and greet musicians and artists who also release their works ‘baptismal font’ For new creators.

hand forged, your general manager Edwin Wood Tells its story in this interview ‘Temple’ of Salsa, declared by the Barranquilla Cultural Organization, ‘Cultural and Musical Heritage’,

They are 57 years of disrupted salsa and carnival bliss. As their motivators and managers say, ‘Wherever you go, you’ll never lose your mind in La Troja’,

Camera and editing by Alfredo Ariza, with an interview by Laurian Puerta Ordóñez.

Photos taken from the La Troja archive

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