Lance Reddick’s wife thanks fans for ‘overwhelming love’ and support: ‘He left us too soon’

In a tweet on Saturday, Lance Reddick’s wife thanked everyone who offered condolences following her husband’s sudden death on Friday.

“Lance was taken from us too soon,” Stephanie Reddick wrote on her late husband’s Twitter account. “Thank you for all your overwhelming love, support and beautiful stories shared on these platforms over the last days. I see your messages and cannot express how grateful I am for them.

Stefani thanked the “thousands of Destiny players” who paid tribute to Reddick. She asked that donations be made to in her hometown of Baltimore in her memory.

Wire Producer David Simon, HBO and Warner Bros. Television are among those who have publicly paid tribute.

Reddick played many memorable TV characters during his decades-long career, including Johnny Basile ounce (2000–2001), Cedric Daniels on Wire (2002–2008), Philip Broyles on fringe (2008–2013) and Deputy Chief Irvin Irving on BOSCH (2014-2021).

The prolific actor left his mark in countless shows, including Lost, American Horror Story And incorporated (pictured above), among many others. And that’s to say nothing of Reddick’s incredible film career, which has included roles in dozens of major films. She can be next seen playing the role of Karen John Wick: Chapter 4 In theaters May 27.

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