Latest Marvel News: Michael B. Jordan still brings ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ fans’ biggest fears to life after Oscar outcry

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without any new Miracle Content on the immediate horizon, it’s the behind the scenes business surrounding the MCU that’s been grabbing all the headlines over the past 24 hours, Disney gets serious about cracking down on spoilers Daredevil: Born AgainThe latest casting news incites widespread fear (which is hopefully unfounded). Last but not least, the Academy Awards upset not only loyal fans but a certain star who feels the need to fight on behalf of his MCU family.

Marvel Studios takes Reddit to court to stop spoilers, but leaves itself open to reproach

ant man and the wasp quantummania
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The most shocking Marvel Studios development of the day is Disney hitting back against leaks in the most aggressive way in its history. after the full script for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantummania Following the leak online, the studio has issued a subpoena against the MarvelStudioSpoilers subreddit, which has shut down in the face of potentially huge legal issues. While Marvel may have shut the door on spoilers, however, it only paves the way for mockery and disdain as the internet has its inevitable fun at this unexpected turn of events.

Daredevil: Born Again Opens the door for Diehard Defenders’ worst nightmares to come true

the defenders cast
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Jon Bernthal may be back, but not everyone from the Netflix original Defenders saga will be. has been reorganized with an important role, Daredevil: Born Again Now fans fear their worst nightmares will come true and all their old favorites will be turned into a Disney Plus revival. It’s not just Marvel fans who are impressed by the recycling of this particular piece either, as Snyderverse faithful will be furious that the MCU is following James Gunn’s DCU in erasing all vestiges of the old-school DCEU from superhero territory. Used to be.

Michael B. Jordan doesn’t hold back in addressing Auntie Angela Bassett’s Best Supporting Actress snub

creed iii
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The fallout from this past weekend’s Oscars continues to be felt on social media — everyone is more than a little upset that Angela Bassett lost her well-deserved Oscar to Jamie Lee Curtis (no offense to JLC, of ​​course, but Maybe it wasn’t the time when he should have won). Bassett’s black Panther Co-star Michael B. Jordan remains their biggest champion. After your “Hey Auntie” moment at the ceremony itself, creed The lead is spearheading the #AngelaWasRobbed campaign on Twitter and sharing the on-again-off-again love for the Queen Ramonda star. Is this our king? You bet it is.

Time will tell if this leads to the Oscar-nominated actress breathing a new breath of life into the MCU, but we guarantee the latest Marvel news will be coming soon.

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