Lawrence Bishnoi on Salman Khan Mumbai Police reviews Salman Khan’s security after Lawrence Bishnoi’s latest threat

Salman Khan: by abp mazane by Lawrence Bishnoi After showing the interview, Bollywood actor Salman Khan is once again in the news. Lawrence Bishnoi has made many revelations in an interview given to ABP. That’s why there is a possibility of increasing the security of Salman Khan.

Mumbai Police to review Salman Khan’s security after ABP Majha aired Lawrence Bishnoi’s interview Salman’s security is expected to increase. Lawrence had threatened Salman in an interview given to ABP.

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What did Lawrence say?

In an interview given to ABP, gangster Lawrence said, ‘Salman did not treat our community well. He came and hunted in our area. So he should now apologize to our community. But the threatening letter received by Salman has nothing to do with me. ,

Lawrence further said, “Salman should apologize to our community. If he apologizes, then fine, otherwise we will have to take a big step. I am not threatening Salman, I am begging him.” He has also given money to people in our community.” Will kill him not for fame, but for revenge.”

What is the matter after all?

Salman Khan and his father writer Salim Khan had received threatening letters. In this letter, he was threatened with death. Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan went out for jogging in the morning. While he was sitting on a bench, he received a letter. In which he and his son Salman Khan were threatened. It was written in this letter that Salman Khan’s Sidhu will be done to Museva. The letter mentions ‘LB’. The police suspect that the LB is Lawrence Bishnoi.

The leader of the Bishnoi gang, Lawrence Bishnoi, is just 28 years old, while his gang members are in their 20s to 25s. Although serious crimes like murder, extortion and attempt to murder are registered against all of them at such a young age.

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