Legacy update, reality check on rumors

Superman: Legacy writer/director James Gunn shared an update on the film and also offered a reality check on earlier “bull**** DC rumors.”

Last time we checked in on how things were going with DC Studios co-head and Superman: Legacy writer/director james gunn Regarding the DCU movie, Gunn was having some light-hearted fun Kevin Smith, This time, Gunn doesn’t seem to be in that good a mood — and we’re not sure we can blame him. Still in the middle of promoting Marvel Studios Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Gunn tweeted an update on how things were going with “Legacy” — but that wasn’t all. Along with noting that he has begun storyboarding the film (which he clarified in the thread that he’s working off of a script that’s “far beyond the first draft”), Gunn also dismissed the “nonsense DC rumors”. But also stressed that he “barrage” with this morning.

Image: DC Comics / HBO Max Screencap

“I’m getting sick of the bullshit DC rumors this morning. I’ll just reiterate the general rule of don’t believe anything unless it comes from me or Peter [Safran, DC Studios co-head], But, unless it’s particularly cocky, I’m going to slow down on the bullshit. (Sorry, I know, it’s one of my favorite traditions),” Gunn shared in a tweet this afternoon. There are three reasons for this: 1) Some people are lying to me to get attention or clicks and I don’t want to encourage. 2) I have read a hundred rumors this morning. One half of them is true. So I don’t want it to be used as a way for people to hammer crap at the wall until something sticks. 3) I’m storyboarding Superman Legacy and I don’t have time! Have a nice day!”

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