Majo Shoujo Magical Destroyer anime reveals new visuals, debuts April 7th

anime to air in animejam programming block

official website for Maho Shoujo Magical Destroyer ,magical girl magical destroyer), an original television anime by underground arts and music producer Jun Inagawa, revealed a new scene on Friday and the show’s April 7 debut. The anime will air in the Animism programming block. MBS, tbsAnd bs-tbs Channel.

© Magical Destroyers Committee
© Magical Destroyers Committee

The anime is about four otakus who will fight for freedom when a mysterious force suddenly begins eradicating otaku culture in the year 2008.

The previously revealed cast of the anime includes:

Inagawa is credited for the story and original character designs based on concepts from his previous art projects. hiroshi ikehata ,FLCL Progressive, kirato pre☆chandirecting the anime Bibri Animation Studio ,Gricia: Phantom Trigger, Best Quintuplets ∬, azure lane, Masao Kawase ,Azure Striker Gunvolt action director, kirato pre☆chan Assistant Director) is the Assistant Director. Daishiro Tanimura ,Gargantia on the planet Verdurus, goldfish episode scriptwriter) is in charge of the series’ scripts. Blu’s voice actress aimee The opening theme song “Magical Destroyer,” and composer Akira Hashiba’s cast unit perform. 13th tailor The ending theme song performs “Gospel in a Classic Love”.

Inagawa is known for blurring the boundaries between various subcultures such as anime and music. While Inagawa has collaborated with many apparel brands and musicians, this is the first project in which he was able to create what he “really wanted to do.”

The franchise is also getting a smartphone game titled magical girl destroyer kai, The game will feature anime heroines Anarky, Blue and Pink. Sumire Usaka She will be voicing a new heroine for a game called Peace. She is also performing the game’s theme song “Uprising”. The pre-registration campaign started from 1 February.

Source: Maho Shoujo Magical Destroyer Anime website, Comic Natalie

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