Marcela Reyes then demonstrated the extraction of the biopolymer herself and described her learnings.

Marcela Reyes, the famous Colombian DJ, once again sent a clear message several hours after leaving the operating room Excretion of biopolymers in their buttocks. The businessman also gave a lesson to his followers and said that from now on he has a lot of respect for cosmetic surgery and He says that “he never wants to go back to an operating room again.”

The DJ is active on social networks answering questions from people who follow him on his Instagram account with more than 3 million followers. after leaving Stayed in the operation room for 4 hours, ‘Queen of the Guaracha’, As they call it, told that she retains too much liquid and that is why she has been fragile, although He was encouraged in his posts.

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However, since this new experience in the operating room, he says that he’s nervous about cosmetic surgery And it makes me never want to go back to the operating room again. Unfortunately, it is not certain that he will never return, as the biopolymers may still reside in his body, but He says that if he were to regret the experience again, “he would continue to learn.”

“You have to make sure and know what they’re putting in our bodies, that the surgeons are supported by the Colombian Association of Surgeons, which Whatever they are keeping you seriously know what it is. I wasn’t there to find out, wasn’t there to investigateBelieve people with bad intentions”, he said in response to a question whether he would undergo surgery again.

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At what age did Marcela Reyes get the surgery done?

DJ revealed that she was 19 or 20 when she had surgery on her buttocks and she believes she was too naive to make the decision. ,What a really bad bastard decision. How would I dream to go back in time and leave my natural buttocks, Child, that has cost me dearly. The worst thing is that there are people who continue to use biopolymers, I was very young, inexperienced”, were his words when asked.

Despite all her experience, she says she feels happy and it was a process that changed her. “I feel brainwashed, my soul. It wasn’t just going into surgery to remove something that was affecting my tailbone, It’s like I came out more refreshed, with more things to do, take care of myself, value myself (…) I woke up anew to continue with my projects,” she said.

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