Mariazel melts the net with a flirty pink mini dress and is confirmed as the most beautiful

according to custom, mariazel At the final airing of “Más Deporte” attracted attention due to the spectacular outfits with which she demonstrates beauty, style and glamor and for the occasion The lovely “useless sister” sighs with a stunning mini dress, ideal for the upcoming spring season, Therefore, as expected, the actress of Spanish origin also received dozens of accolades, with which she was able to reaffirm herself as one of the most attractive women in the whole of show business.

As previously mentioned, this was during the final broadcast of “Más Deporte”. Mariazell gave a new fashion chair and on this occasion dear 40 year old driver spring fashion fitted with cute pink mini dress, which didn’t fit as well as what he usually wears, though, This outfit allowed her to show off her stylish legs Similar to how short it was as it reached just above the knee, the Barcelona, ​​Spain born actress completed her look with a pair of gray suede boots.

Mariazell slays the style with this pink mini dress. Photo: TW: @mariazelzel

for this broadcast Mariazell appeared with Sylvia Lomeli, Who was on the program to remember when Televisa was in charge of broadcasting in the late 1990s and the two posed together for a postcard that the Spanish woman spread on her social networks where it was shown All the presenters who have paraded through the said sports space are characterized by their talent and their immense beauty.

Mariazell and Silvia Lomeli lose beauty in “Mas Deporte”. Photo: TW: @mariazelzel

After the broadcast of “Mas Deporte”, mariazel She shared a few pictures with her fellow broadcasters, however, it was shen attracted everyone’s attention due to her beauty And as expected, she received dozens of accolades with which she was able to affirm herself as one of the most attractive women in the entire show business.

Mariazel exudes beauty in each broadcast of “Mas Deporte”. Photo: TW: @mariazelzel

“Beautiful as Always”, “More Beautiful Every Day”, “Cool Woman”, “You’re the Most Beautiful of All”, “A True Bombon”, “A Real Queen” and “Simply Precious” These were some of the accolades received by Mariazell Ole Cassels.

About Mariazell, the figure of the moment.

This time, Mariazell Ole Cassels is listed as one of the hottest celebrities of the moment all of show business Because of her presence in various areas of Televisa, in addition to driving wasted talent within, she has also proved to be an exceptional actress, moreover, It is also a phenomenon in social networks And as if this was not enough, she has also proved to be a great businesswoman as her sportswear brand has been very successful since its launch.

Mariazell is one of the most sought after celebrities of the moment. Photo: IG: mariazelzel

It should be noted that at the individual level mariazel it’s also going through a great moment because Her marriage to fellow actor, Adrian Rubio, is one of the most stable and solid in the entire artistic environment, Plus, she’s more than just a proud mom, as her daughter Lia has already shown that she can follow in her footsteps in an artistic environment.

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