Marifer Centeno analyzes an interview with Andrea Legarreta and Eric Rubin Grupo Milenio

recently met you Andrea Legaretta and Eric Rubin in the tub of today’s program After announcing their separation, it continues to give people something to talk about, as for many it is just a fling and for others it is one true love. Therefore Expert Marifer Centeno analyzed his body language and revealed what she found.

It was through their digital platform where graphologist Marifer Centeno analyzed the body language of Andrea Legarreta and Eric Rubin after their new appearance together.

Andrea Legaretta interviews Eric Rubin; Crying ends. Specific

During this interview, Eric Rubin and Andrea Legaretta talked a bit about their love story and what this separation represents for the present. even, The emotional moment ended with him shedding a few tears.

But is it real? Do they still love each other? What was his body language saying? According to Marifer Centeno, there is still love in his eyes and she speaks of a man who is honest. This was revealed by the way Rubin looked at Lagaretta.

“Note with what love and affection. When you cover his mouth, you will feel that he is absolutely moved and that his body is also looking for Andrea Legarreta’s body,” said Marifer Centeno.

He also indicated that according to what was seen, the two wanted to reconcile all the time.

“I’m giving you a little hug while I hold you with both hands,” said Marifer Centeno, “note how Andrea Legarreta and Eric Rubin’s bodies are finding each other.”

On the other hand, Marifer Centeno indicated that for her, Eric Rubin feels great admiration for Andrea Legarreta.

“He admires her with great admiration, he looks at her with great tenderness. These gestures are totally unconscious”, said Marifer Centeno.

Andrea Legaretta interviews Eric Rubin; Crying ends. Specific

On the other hand, he added that there is still great empathy, love, complicity and respect between the two:

“They both laugh at the same time. Laughter is the greatest display of empathy. There is not only a lot of love between them, but also great camaraderie. They are a great team, they love each other, They respect each other, they admire each other”, said Marifer Centeno.

Finally, according to Centeno, Eric Rubin turned his face when Andrea Legarreta approached him. For him, the relationship they currently have is based on respect.




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