Marina is “bood” again at Yuri’s concert

Photo sourced from La Cronica – video by Yerson Miramon

MEXICALI BC MAY 20, 2023 (AFN).- A new “boo” was received by Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda last night, when she attended the concert of singer Yuri held at FEX Palenque in the state capital. ,

In front of a packed house, the singer from Veracruz took the stage at around midnight, and after performing two songs, she greeted someone who said, “She’s a woman I admire”. Later mentioned Marina del Pilar.

It was then that a loud booing ensued, prompting the singer to come out in her defense, pointing out that women should support each other, noting that her performance featured women There was a majority.

After one or two more songs, Avila Olmeda, who was in the second row with her husband Carlos Torres and others, left the venue despite the fact that the concert was barely starting.

Hours later, and this Saturday morning, various photos and videos of the event circulated on the internet, along with some comments from people present at the concert.

“Chinn. It happened to say hi to Yuri and say that a great friend was there and mentioned Marina del Pilar and what was my surprise when everyone but the entire public on FEX rejected her, what a shame It’s a matter. Even my seat looked like it turned red with shame, if people are not fools, they are well aware of the fraud. Flatly, the MORENA party is the same as all parties Turned out, ”says, verbatim, one of the messages.

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