Marina’s ‘affair’ from ‘The Island of Temptation’ with a former ‘Survivors’ contestant surfaced

After going through the sixth edition of ‘The Island of Temptation’, where her love story with Alex Sánchez was blown up, Marina López tries her luck in another reality show from home. On this occasion, the girl presented ‘Solos’ apartment, Mitel Plus program, Mediaset payment platform, Where he has revealed his ‘affair’ with a well-known former ‘Survivors’ contestant.

Her entry into the reality show comes a few days after Marina was immediately hospitalized due to a urine infection, which caused her to develop a high fever. “I spent three nights without sleep and had to go to the hospital because I had fever since Thursday”, he said on his social network. “They gave me two bottles of serum and antibiotics per line. I had a hormonal irregularity and urinary infections are due to that,” he explained.

Her ‘affair’ with Albert Barranco

Already established in the ‘Solos’ apartment, Marina López was startled by this unexpected revelation. Alex Sanchez’s ex-girlfriend confirms she had a brief ‘affair’ with former ‘Survivors’ contestant Albert Barranco on the 2018 edition. “One night we partyed. I was blonde and we shared Instagram,” she says. A meeting that television vehemently denies, despite the fact that the young woman continues to give specific details. “We kissed and that’s it. We kissed several times at the disco and my friend touched her ass”, says Marina.

Yaiza’s New Illusion, From ‘LIDLT 6’

Yaiza Tejera, the seductress of the sixth edition of ‘The Island of Temptation’, who put in danger the relationship between Alex Sanchez and Marina López, leaves behind her time on reality and ends up with the participant in the worst possible way Later presents its new illusion. It seems that the television company has found love in the hands of Christian, an anonymous young man with whom it has already been shown on social networks. “My support,” Yaiza writes.

For his part, Alex Sánchez has rebuilt his life at the hands of Isaac Torres, former partner of the former contestant of the third edition of ‘LIDLT’. And it is that the new girlfriend of the footballer is Paula Marugat. “Thank you for understanding and supporting me,” he tells her.

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