Maya Nazor joins the silver micro bikini trend and shows off her silhouette

It was so beautiful and very captivating to see maya nazor in his most recent publication Instagram Where she showed off from the beach and surprised everyone by joining the trend silver micro bikini, A piece that is becoming a sensation this spring. Ex-girlfriend Of santa fe clanBesides, 8 months after becoming a mother, she had already cured her curvy and slim silhouette Who can now be seen in this trendy and young swimsuit.

The 24-year-old content creator has started stand out for looks who claims in his official accounts, being two piece swimsuit With which it has established itself as a style benchmark This spring, those dates in which the temperature soars and short dresses dominate the dressing room. During his career as an influencer, Spell have shown different designs, but who modeled this Marsnetwork enabled Since this is one of the trends of the season.

Maya Nazor flaunts her silhouette in a silver micro bikini

Nazor Has shared on his official account target platform, In which he has 4.7 million followers, who went on a beach vacation with the little one for a few days Luke, His son with the Santa Fe Klan. In addition to showing how her baby enjoys the pool water, the Internet model took the opportunity to wear a flirtatious outfit silver fabric micro bikini This stunned his fans, who couldn’t stop themselves from his flattering comments.

Maya Nazor shows off her figure in a silver micro bikini IG @nazormaya

The influencer uploaded a picture in which she was seen posing from the beach. over some rocks and with the sea in the background, maya nazor presented for show your figure In this two-piece swimsuit that stands for pantyhose stripes on the sides, her simple top and of course, your silver cloth Which sparkles when exposed to sunlight and gives iridescent touch. one of the apparel weather trends, Well, many celebrities have already taken it, so the former partner of the interpreter of “Asi Soya” cannot be left behind.

with the phrase “your favourite”, Maya shared the image with which she has captured the social networks, because a few hours after publication, she received more than 270,000 “likes” and hundreds of flattering comments such as: “Wow baby”, “You are so beautiful are”, “The Little Mermaid”, “Curepazu”, “How Beautiful You’ll Be”, “Every Day You Look Better” and “What a Great Body, Don’t Even Stop That You Had a Baby”; Which goes to show that he is one of the most loved celebrities on the internet.

Travel maya nazor It comes after a video of what could be the Santa Fe Clan with his new girlfriend went viral. According to social media users, Angel Quezada, The real name of the Guanajuatense rapper would be dating Valentina Quiros, An influencer from Guadalajara, Jalisco, with whom she went on a beach holiday, since the young woman has published photos from a paradisiacal place.

The 24-year-old influencer went on a beach holiday Photo: Screenshot

Meanwhile, Maya is getting more famous every day as a fashion and lifestyle influencer, since he has millions of followers on social networks, as is the case with his Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok accounts. Although he has also been criticized for this Supposedly asking for 200 thousand pesos pensionContinues to share on her networks photos and videos in which she conquers, especially when she sees herself in revealing clothes with which she displays her most sensual and captivating side, as she did from the beach.

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