Medio Metro shines at EDC 2023

most popular dancer TIC Toc did it again, this time EDC Mexico 2023where he “lifted” the event with his mere presence.

shows a video half meter on EDC Dressed in the Mexican flag and enjoyed the event with fans in attendance

The event, held at the Hermanos Rodriguez Autodrome, was captured by a user on TikTok, the real name of Jose Eduardo Rodriguez Sandalo, the dancer.

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The young man arrives with some onlookers who were enjoying themselves; Said video has been viewed a total of 13 lakh times on Tiktok.

Users of this social network expressed their feelings about the young man and what happened with his separation. pirate sound And this new half meter,

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“Hmmmm!!! And who is this? I only know the pirate’s voice”, “But this was the bad guy, the other one is good”, “Oui yeah, what did he wake up to incident hahaha They don’t even run into him (sic) “

@maickpalacios half meter in edc #edcmexico #edc #edcmediometro #edcmx #edc2023 #mediometro #mediometro #mediometrooficial Cumbia Del Chavito Half Metro – Guerras el volcan del wepa

Medio Metro will debut as an actor on the small screen

After signing over the copyright of his artistic name, Medio Metro is looking for new opportunities to make his talent known and everything indicates that the indicated offer has already arrived.

In a broadcast, he commented that “La Rosa de Guadalupe” had approached him to appear in a chapter, so he could very soon make his side debut as an actor. In this way, the influencer said that he is excited to live a moment that he could never have imagined.

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