Miguel Friganti ends up in hospital after being brutally attacked by Jacobo Ostos: “his face is swollen”

Kevin Rodriguez

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friday night was the worst miguel friganti, save me partner Was brutally attacked by Jacobo Ostos As inappropriate response to a comment which he had done a year earlier in a telecinco program related to his father, who had recently died.

It all happened when they were both in a nightclub and a contestant on ‘Survivors’ approached Friganti. After a brief reprimand, she gave him a slap that made him fall on the sofaTo the surprise of everyone present, including Fani Carbajo, who told Emma García what she had seen.

“Miguel went to work and when Jacobo came and punched him Without coming to mind people separated them, they threw the attacker out of the club and now he’s in the hospital because he has a headache and His face is swollen. is unwellReported participant of ‘Island of Temptation’.

Other witnesses assured that the associate, after initially collapsing on a couch, remained unconscious on the floor for several seconds. “It was not a fight, but a direct aggression”, journalist qualified Kitty Gordillo.

for his part, Aurelio Manzano talks to the owner of the nightclub And transferred his overwhelmed state before the incident to his premises: “He told me Ostos arrived and without saying a word took off his watch and punched him causing him to fall on the couch. The other didn’t even defend himself. Could. I threw.” He has been thrown out of Disco and will not work with me again,” the journalist said.

Although it seemed he couldn’t make things worse, Jacobo Ostos enters by phone in the Telecinco program to confess and try to justify his violent act against Miguel Friganti: “The dead must be respected. I admit I gave them a corrective slap with an open hand,” he even said. For tremendous aggression faced such an attitude which has no justification, Emma Garcia put them in their place And stopped him from walking on that path.

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