Netflix’s latest deep dive into mystery and intrigue immediately commands the #1 spot in 32 countries

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You can set your watch on any Netflix Original that focuses on a mystery atop the streaming service’s viewership charts to become an instant sensation, and right on point, MH370: The missing plane has reinvented the formula by taking forward a true story that remains unresolved to top the viewership charts.

The three-part documentary series has beaten the competition to become the number one most-watched TV show among subscribers, according to FlixPatrol, grabbing the top spot in 32 countries as part of an impressive debut , which propelled it to a top 10 berth. in about 90 countries.

via netflix

Of course, with the second half of YouThe fourth season of is dropping tomorrow, makes you secretly suspicious plane that disappeared won’t peak for more than 24 hours, but it’s fitting that it would be disproved by yet another mystery-laden Netflix exclusive, albeit one entirely fictional operated by everyone’s favorite charming serial killer.

Flight MH370 entered instant infamy in 2014 when it disappeared without a trace during a routine flight en route to Beijing, and the conspiracy theories have hardly stopped. Sections of the fuselage and various pieces of debris have been recovered, but we are no closer to finding out exactly what happened.

Naturally, a variety of friends, families, experts, journalists, and assorted talking heads have their own thoughts on what happened, but it’s clear that Netflix viewers have made it their mission to binge the entirety of it. plane that disappeared To try and make up our own minds as to where the truth really lies.

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