New Akuma Kun anime series reveals Netflix premiere

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official twitter account for Kitaro Tanjo: Gege no Najo (Kintaro Birth: The Mystery of Geige) anime film revealed on Wednesday that the upcoming anime series project shigeru mizuki‘S akuma kun manga will start Netflix simultaneously around the world this fall.

Netflix Describes the story:

akuma kun The story of a boy trying to build a society where humanity realizes its true potential and lives happily ever after with the help of some unlikely allies

The story of the new anime takes place three decades after the story of the 1989-90 anime. yuko mita And toshio furukawa Returning from previous anime to voice Akuma I/Shingo Umoragi and Mephisto II, respectively. Furukawa will also play Mephisto III. yuki kaji Will voice the protagonist, Akuma II / Ichiro Umoragi.

The anime is part of four “big projects” celebrating the 100-year anniversary. shigeru mizukiBorn. Mizuki died in 2015 at the age of 93. have another project Kitaro Tanjo: Gege no Najo (Kintaro Birth: The Mystery of Geige) anime film, which will also open this fall.

© 水木ププ・フジテビィ・東映 Animation

junichi sato ,aria suffrage, sailor Moon) Is akuma kun main director of the anime project, while fumitoshi ozaki ,life of a centaur, Romeo × Juliet) is the series director. Sato previously directed akuma-kun TV anime and its two movies in 1989–1990.hiroshi onogi (2018 gige no kitaro, noin – to your other self) is overseeing the series script.

The manga previously inspired a television anime in 1989–1990. Two anime films premiered in 1989 and 1990. The new anime is the first new one in 33 years. The manga also inspired several live-action adaptations.

Mizuki illustrated the original manga in 1963–1964, and he illustrated several other series. suffrage in the 1970s and 1980s. The manga follows the titular “Akuma-kun”, a boy who harnesses the powers of demons to help the world live in peace.

Source: Kitaro Tanjo: Gege no Najo The Twitter account of the anime film Mainichi Shimbun’s Mantan Web

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