New test confirms romance between Karol G and Fede

singer Carroll G. And feed They have been linked for several months amid rumors of a possible romance between the two, however, neither of them has wanted to confirm or deny the said courtship.

karol ji and feed dating?

It should be remembered that everything originated after performing at a dance nearby in the middle of a Bichota concert in Medellin and then they released their song together. ‘geek’, Whose music video has been viewed more than 140 million times on YouTube.

Later, the speculations intensified after they were seen together at different places and appeared on their social networks at the same place at the same time.

but it was the singer anuel aaThe ex-partner of the Colombian, who would have confirmed that in fact Karol G and Fede are dating, decided to dedicate taunts to both of them after their tour of the United States, where he highlighted that he was not interested in money. How much do you remember and have thrown the interpreter of ‘normal’.

Despite the attacks that the Puerto Rican has launched on him, neither Karol G nor FIDE has decided to speak on the matter, leaving millions of his fans with uncertainty.

Test will confirm romance between Karol ji and Fede

Recently, a new evidence has emerged that would once again confirm that the two are enjoying some time together, after the two revealed videos on their social networks, apparently from the same place.

Bichhota was the first to share a video, which was shown dancing to the beats of his song. ‘bitterness’ and was visible from the peach walls and white tiled roof.

Later, it was singer Faide who, via his stories on his Instagram account, where he has over 10 million followers, shared a video promoting their most recent collaboration. ’69’ Near nicky jam And it was shown, apparently, from the same terrace, but on another plane.

Followers quickly reacted and elaborated that they were undoubtedly in the same place and that there was no doubt that they were indeed together.

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