Official photos of ‘Survivors 2023’ contestants


    ‘Survivor 2023’ begins in less than a week. This will happen next Thursday March 2 When we see the contestants of this edition jumping from the helicopter,How this reality show starts and what kind of contests the contestants will do, it can be guessed. And if there’s anything that can’t be missing before the big premiere, it’s nothing else The official currency of the contestants. This Sunday, finally, the images have been published, in which we see the 17 contestants posing with the legendary red shirt and camel pants, their last photo before leaving for Honduras.

    There is no contestant who does not pose with a big smile, not knowing the calamity to come in what they say will be one of the most extreme editions. The first news begins to emerge and it seems that survival difficulty will mark this edition.

    The list is already complete with 17 Robinsons who will compete for the 200,000 euros of the final prize, but it won’t be easy: bad weather, lack of food, loneliness in the middle of the sea, the loss of Weight and strength will be the day of the competition. Will they manage to overcome and win the competition, as Alejandro Nieto did in the 2022 edition… or will there be some abandonment?

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The daughter of Ana Maria Alden was the first confirmed contestant to participate in the new edition of ‘Survivants’. 22 years old and mother of a 4 year old child, she has an open war with Gloria Camila and her father José Ortega Cano.

Billionaire lawyer Patricia Donoso rose to fame after she claimed to have had a platonic relationship with José Ortega Cano when his then-wife Ana María Aldón was pregnant.

Samaira Molinaro, a reality girl who is well known by all, as she has participated in many reality shows and telecinco programs. She made herself known on ‘GH 17’ where she had an affair with Pol Badia, then fell in love with another contestant with whom she had a son and is now dating another reality contestant Rodri, who has Along she has come and gone many times.

The most famous hairdresser repeats the experience. Talking about this second chance, the hairdresser confesses, “I’m going to give it my all. I’m so excited.”

After appearing at several castings, the paparazzi have finally managed to sneak in among the celebrities headed to Honduras this year. The current collaborator and photographer of ‘Fiesta’, he will leave the beaches of Ibiza to visit other beaches in the coming months where he will be surrounded by celebrities.

He was a player of the Spanish rugby team Jaime Nava and had to keep the ball apart in order to compete to the maximum in each test.

Yulen Pereira’s mother and Annabel Pantoja’s mother-in-law. His son, who took part in the previous edition, has already expressed his happiness. “Gozadera was formed in Honduras, the true queen has arrived” wrote Fencer in response to his mother’s next visit to Honduras.

The influencer is one of the confirmed contestants for the 2023 edition of ‘Survivors’. The Valencian, who claims to be very happy after his signing, already has experience in reality shows, as in 2016, he participated in ‘Peking Express’ and in 2022, he will appear in the Netflix dating show ‘Who Likes My Follower’ ‘s advisor. ,

Ginés Corregüela is one of the least known television faces, but one of the most popular on social networks since Tik Tok, with 2 million followers and 20 million ‘likes’.

Jain, a native of Ubeda, has gained popularity for being the king of the XXL sandwich, as these dishes incorporate all manner of ingredients from sausage to donuts. Guinness will leave his farm and his turkey, Felipe, to live this adventure.

model and influencer Katerina Safarova She was one of the most famous temptresses of the first edition of ‘The Island of Temptation’ and a favorite of Gonzalo Montoya. She was also a suitor for ‘MYHYV’ and has tried her luck in the music world. In Honduras, she wants to show that even a fragile-looking young girl can live this wild adventure to the fullest.

Isa P’s boyfriend makes his way to the island of Honduras. She is a member of the Pantoja clan who will live this adventure as Anabel Pantoja, Kiko Rivera, his fiancee, and Isabel Pantoja, his future mother-in-law.

Model and presenter Raquel Arias warned in her presentation video: “The blonde is back to give battle.” Raquel made her mark in the Netflix reality show ‘Insiders’, in which she won a prize of €100,000. Among his group of friends, he has familiar faces such as Olga Moreno and Jorge Pérez.

Pocholo’s nephew leaves his life in Miami to delve into this new adventure that is ‘Survivants 2023’. The series has chosen this new face, who is related to a highly mediocre family in our country: Los Franco. Bosco is excited about his involvement. He loves challenges and highlights: “I’m going to the top!”.

We met Diego James Lover in 2016 in the program ‘Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa’ as a lover of Ana Anginas and there, he had his own throne, where he fell in love with Lola Mencia, with whom he broke up Was. In ‘LIDLT 3’.

The Italian model and businesswoman who promises to give it all is one of the most unknown faces in the group of contestants, it must be said that she has extensive experience in fashion shows, photo shoots with her own fashion line and accessories . With over 40k followers on Instagram, he lives between Milan, Ibiza and Dubai.

Alma Bollo, daughter of Chiquetet and Raquel Bollo. He will head to Honduras to face the toughest reality show on television, where he will be joined by his brother Manuel Cortes.

Manuel Cortes Bollo, son of Chiquetet and Raquel Bollo, is the seventeenth confirmed contestant of ‘Survivants 2023’. In Honduras, she would share her experiences with her sister, Alma Bolo.

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